Oclean X Smart Electric Toothbrush now available for just $69.99

Xiaomi has deep roots in each market segment and the electric toothbrush market is also not away. It continues to serve the users in this section with various quality-centric products and the Oclean X Smart Electric Toothbrush is the next item in the portfolio.

Oclean is the sub-brand of Xiaomi for the electric toothbrush market. Hence, the Oclean X toothbrush equips supersonic features to keep the dental problems away. Against the previous items from the brand, it has a bigger and colourful touchscreen.

Xiaomi Oclean X

Moving to the spec-sheet of the Oclean X brush, it hosts a 0.96-inch coloured screen. It will display real-time data to make your brushing a scientific process. Further, also adopts Miss Area Reminder technique to run with 6-axis gyroscope technology.

More technically, the Oclean X smart electric toothbrush contains an app control, Bluetooth, 20+ brushing schemes, copper-free brush head, 2-in-1 design, magnetic suspension brushless motor, and of course, an 800 mAh battery with wireless charging.

Oclean X brush Features and Specifications

Design and Build

As per the physical appearance, the Oclean X toothbrush adopts a simple and straight-forward outlook like the previous versions. Further, it is made of an ABS material for hygienic and comfortable brushing process.

It has a two-part design. The lower part contains a motor, display, battery, charging point etc. Similarly, the upper part hosts 3D DuPont Tynex bristles.

oclean x

Physically, the Oclean X measures at 24.35×2.44×2.44 cm and weighs around 100g.

Oclean X brush Display

The LED screen is installed on the lower part of the Oclean X toothbrush. It is a 0.96-inch TFT colorful touchscreen to show you valuable information like time, weather, electric, brushing time, blind zone reminder etc.

Hence, it ensures overall dental protection by giving you the signals to take further steps.

Xiaomi Oclean X


To run the Oclean X for around a month on a single charge, there is an 800 mAh battery inside. It takes only 2 hours to charge through a wireless charging technology.

Bluetooth and App Control

You can also connect your electric toothbrush with your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0. You can use this facility within the radius of 10m.

oclean x

Similarly, you can also manage your brushing sessions through an Android and IOS app called Oclean App.


The main power generator in the toothbrush is the magnetic suspension motor. It runs at 40,000 RPM speed at low noise.

Oclean X brush Additional Features

Additionally, the Oclean X smart Electric toothbrush has miss area reminder, 2-in-1 charging facility, AI protection mode, IPX7 waterproof rating and lots of other value-added specifications.


Oclean X Electric toothbrush Review: Smart sonic with Touch Screen


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