[Promotion Sale] Oclean One Sonic Electric Toothbrush: Intelligent Dental Health Care, For Just $53.99

The Oclean One Sonic Electric Toothbrush is an innovation in the electric toothbrush fields and it is highly recommended by the dentists and called “The Know-You-Well Electric Toothbrush” by the users.

Oclean Sonic Toothbursh For Just $53.99


The Oclean one takes into consideration that everyone’s oral care needs are unique, and recommends brushing plans to meet your special needs, such as after toothwash care, clean for after dessert and drinks, gum care and massage, special care for after the braces, special care plan for pregnancy, clean and whitening in a different intensity.

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The Oclean One sports the fastest motor ever put into a toothbrush, it’s capable of 50,000 vibrations per minute with 5.5mm of oscillation and 280gf/cm of torsion. It’s also IP67 water resistant with a uni-body design. What’s interesting is that the Chinese version of the Oclean only vibrates a 42,000, the algorithm has since been improved to vibrate faster in level 4 cleaning.

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The Oclean one electric toothbrush incorporates two World-leading filament brands, DuPont and Pedex, to enhance the durability of brush heads and to provide long-lasting maximum cleaning performance. The Oclean one electric toothbrush firstly combines smart app and audio speaker with an electric toothbrush to lead you to brush your teeth the way your dentist intend and improve your oral health indeed. Oclean claims that it will last 60 days if you brush 3.5 minutes a day.

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Oclean one sonic electric toothbrush vibrate at very high speeds and frequencies buffing the surface of your teeth and force toothpaste in-between your teeth. Finally, we have Ultrasonic” which creates sound waves to penetrate special nano toothpaste into teeth and gums.

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Where To Buy

Oclean One Sonic Electric Toothbrush is now available on Gearbest For Just at $61.99 On Pre-Sale if you want to Purchase One Sonic Electric Toothbrush you can just click the Following Link:

Oclean Sonic Toothbursh For Just $53.99


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