Oclean One Black Electric Toothbrush Discounted to $57.99 [Coupon]

We are living in an era of smart devices. I guess you have heard this phrase myriads times. But does the word ‘smarter’ means better? There are many niches, in which we just have to use smart products to free us from routine work. And what about cleaning teeth? Do we need an electric toothbrush powered by AI? The Xiaomi eco chain company Oclean has already proven it is capable of making the best smart toothbrushes. But with the launch of the Oclean One black, it also showed there are no boundaries for the imagination. While most healthcare and hygiene products come in white, this model is in black. And I have to admit it looks more attractive to me.

Oclean One Black

Anyway, this is the black variant of the original Oclean One. This means all the features seen on the latter can be found on this model. The Oclean One black is trying to solve 2 problems. First, we all have different teeth, and mechanical toothbrushes don’t do a great job of cleaning them. Second, many other electric toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning our teeth than regular toothbrushes but they don’t change the way you brush based on what’s going on inside your mouth.

Oclean One Black

Not in vain, the Oclean One black is considered to be the most powerful sonic toothbrush. Its 2600mAh battery is charged in 3.5 hours and provides a battery life of 60 days. There is a single button to turn it on and a few LEDs to let you know just how much battery power still it has. The charging dock for the Oclean One Black is magnetic and very simply designed.

Oclean One Black

The Oclean One black is packed with the fastest motor ever put into a toothbrush. It has a 50,000rpm (42,000rpm) with 5.5mm of oscillation and 280gf/cm of torsion. However, the algorithm has since been improved to vibrate faster in level 4 cleaning. It’s also IP67 water resistant.

The Oclean One black comes with 2 brush heads of the standard cleaning head and the deep cleaning head. The latter was made in partnership with DuPont + Pedex.

Oclean One Black

By the way, the Oclean One black adopts a small speaker on the bottom. And you can adjust the audio level. When you turn it on, the voice says ‘Oclean’, and now that you can play music while you brush it’s important that it does sound good.

The app suggests or creates an individual cleaning plan, analyzes brushing behavior, and gives specific recommendations for improving dental hygiene. Also, you will get 3 modes: cleaning, whitening, and massage. Each of has 4 levels of intensity.

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