Nubia Alpha Review: New wearable smartphone

Smartphone or smartwatch?

What do you think the future of the phone will look like? How would you design it? What features would you include? On this issue, Nubia, a mobile phone manufacturer which is very popular in China, seems to have had its own ideas. It has created a brand new device that looks a bit like a device from science fiction: Nubia Alpha, a mobile phone, which you can wear on your wrist!

Nubia Alpha smartphoneAt IFA 2018, Nubia brought an innovative technology product, Nubia Alpha, which is an upcoming mass-produced wrist surface concept mobile phone. Say, you can wear a Nubia Alpha wrist-curved mobile phone on your wrist like a watch.

In the full-screen era, Vivo and OPPO designed the front camera of the mobile phone which can be lifted (dived, popped), in order that a higher screen ratio can be obtained. At this year’s IFA 2018 exhibition, we saw another innovation: Nubia Alpha, a mass-produced wrist surface concept mobile phone from Nubia.

Nubia Alpha look

In this review article, we will speak about the design, specifications, functionalities of Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone and share our conclusion as well.

Design and Appearance of Nubia Alpha Wearable Smartphone.

This is a smartphone with a serious application for mass production. Such a device is created as a demonstration of how the mobile phones of the future will look. The company itself ambitiously states that Nubia Alpha is “the most technically advanced portable device in the world” and this is the direction in which the smartphone market will develop.

The gadget is equipped with a large and narrow curved folding screen.


It features a flexible OLED panel that wraps around the wrist and runs the Android system. The screen is large enough to display more advanced apps, and the strap is made of metal alloy instead of cheap plastics or rubber.

Nubia Aplha screen
There are a microphone and a 4G LTE modem, which will allow the user to work with applications, receive calls and notifications. The Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone is housed in a metal case that accommodates long vertical OLED panels. On the side of the display are ball-shaped small body buttons and a camera sensor.


Below there are some magnetic needles that may be used for charging. The features we see from it seem to come from mobile phones and smartwatches.

As you can see from the image, the new product looks like a watch. It is not difficult to see that this Nubia Alpha integrates Nubian’s flexible screen technology, which perfectly combines the mobile phone and the watch, making it both portable and functional.


Functionalities of Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone

Using Nubia Alpha smartwatch, you can measure your pulse, pay via NFC, control the music player and track fitness activity. Do not forget about a camera, which, as promised, captures good quality pictures with decent resolution.

An innovative proximity sensor was built to orient the display in space, regardless of the position of the hand.
It does not have a version of the Wear operating system, but a full version of Android, basically makes it a powerful smartphone.

Nubia Alpha smtwatch
In the case of Nubia Alpha, two push buttons are laterally inserted, to the front a small camera for video calls. The microphone, which is also used for traditional voice calls, is located in the watch strap. Nubia Alpha is LTE according to the manufacturer, fully-capable. Additionally, an E-SIM is firmly installed. It is rumored that there are many similar functions in iOS 12 this year.

Nubia Alpha
The Nubia Alpha is 4G compatible and allows users to make and receive regular calls, as well as video calls.


The video calls are facilitated through the integrated camera placed on the right side of the device, and the voice calls make use of an amplified mic and speaker. Additionally, the included camera can take selfies and ordinary snapshots, although the latter case may prove to be quite awkward since users cannot see what they are shooting at.

nubia alpha wearable phone
Furthermore, the Nubia Alpha smartphone supports the location recognition and contactless payment. Also, the GPS and NFC are likely to be included in modules. There is not a data sheet for Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone yet. Therefore there isn’t information about the processor, the storage configuration, the water protection rating or availability.
The Nubia Alpha smartphone operating system is based on Google’s Android.  We cannot tell how convenient is its control, that remains to be seen.

In addition to other functions, the users can set different colorful themes themselves.

Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone is equipped with a unique bright light strip.

nubia alpha stripe
It is worth mentioning that Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone can also be used with traditional Nubian smartphones to further enhance the user experience.
The device has touchscreen capabilities and smartphone-like buttons can be seen on both sides.

A battery of Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone

Also, the current wristwatch is equipped with a small 500mAh battery, which is not even enough to support the device for a full day. Nubia said that they are working hard to develop a larger battery that can be placed not only on the base of the phone but also on the wristband of the phone.

nubia alpha battery

What we think should be improved!

Among the mentioned advantages and unique features, we think that manufacturers should take into considerations these notices:
First is the appearance of the gadget. It has a tall and narrow display, which can be uncomfortable while reading, watching videos or photos.
Second is the size of the battery. Nubia Alpha has a tiny 500mAh battery that will not even last you a day.

Our Conclusion

Overall, we are really amazed by this innovative product. From now on, there won’t be a need to find where to keep your smartphone. There is no more need to find a big pocket or to carry a bag, you could always have it in your hand. It performs the functions of a personal assistant and a channel of communication with the outside world.

Till now the information about the price of the Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone is not announced yet. However, we will update our information as soon as we get to know the prices.

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