NOMU T10 Survives Being Dropped 30 Times From Different Heights On Cemented Floor

NOMU T10, an IP68-certified rugged phone, which is water, drop and dust proof. As is known, T10 is 2meter drop-proof. And to show how tough T10 is when faced with bumps and drops, we did a drop test on it. It is a test consisting of 30 times continuous real drops from heights ranging from 0.5meters to 2.25meters. Nomu T10

Another thing, the test was done on a cemented floor. As expected, NOMU T10 survives such a crucial test. After 30-times drops to the tough cement floor, the phone is still well-built and can be powered on and runs normally. Here is the video of the drop test.

Nomu T10 Key features


The main features of the Nomu T10 is its rugged build and IP68 waterproof body but apart from these, there are other features which makes this budget smartphone a vital companion. Here is a quick look at the Nomu T10’s main features and specifications.


Nomu T10

The T10’s design meets the highest waterproof standard on the market right now. It’s an IP68 certified waterproof device, which means it can survive 2 hours up to 1.2 meters underwater. Besides, unlike most rugged devices on market, which usually adopt a USB plug to keep water out, T10 uses waterproof USB. So it doesn’t need any plugs to resist water, eliminating the possibility of forgetting to close it or lose it. Also, it is dustproof as well.

The Nomu T10 uses a special torch button and the torch can be turned on even when the device is off. In addition, it supports 4 modes namely weak light, strong light, SOS and strobe, covering multiple light needs. The device is equipped with 2800mAh Li-Po battery, which supports a 20-hour continuous call time, and 500 hours of standby time. Besides, it can serve as a power bank too.

Nomu T10


The phone can work perfectly well in extreme temperatures ranging from – 20-degree centigrade to 55-degree centigrade and it comes with 9 languages including English. Also, there’s dual SIM support with dual standby as well as support for 850/900/1800/1900 (B5/B8/B3/B2) bands supported.

The Nomu T10 is already available on Aliexpress and its price starts from $56.99. You can check out more details from the Nomu T10 official product page from here.


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