Nokia presents 5 phones – The company seeks its return at the MWC

The Finnish company, Nokia, is preceded by a history full of ups and downs in which they enjoyed the conquest of a market that today is just a legend of their past glories. Many users of yesteryear have their eyes above the manufacturer and expect to see some new devices in the MWC 2018. Since this is a unique opportunity to present the new in cellular technology and in fact, Nokia knows it quite well, as it surprised many with all their material, as well we invite you to stay with us during this tour and get to know the most interesting of the former European champion.

Nokia is at MWC 2018 with five new terminals

The European company adheres to the slogan that the more, the better. We can ratify this with the presentation of 5 new terminals, each one is aimed at a specific audience, but due to the haste to compete in so many sections at the same time, some of these terminals can only resort to nostalgia to get in the way of the users.


An old friend returns at the MWC 2018, the Nokia 8110

The first of these is the Nokia 8110, a phone that sticks to its original version, seeking to recreate the image that came to shape at the time thanks to the Matrix movie. Its technical section is primary, and we mean that it is aimed just to calls, messages and some network features.


The second on the list, the Nokia 1

The next exponent of Nokia is a low-end, we are talking about the Nokia 1, which is emerging as an entry option that in truth, does not have any charm that allows it to distinguish itself in a market as saturated as this. In such a case the only plus with which it can count is the name and its faithful range of users who bet more for love than performance. It only comes equipped with 1GB of RAM and a primary camera of 5 megapixels.


The Nokia 6 seems to give the company a break

This Smartphone seems to have a little more enthusiasm than the first two since it aims at the mid-range market, but its true touch ratifies the design, maintaining a rudimentary style that combines simplicity and innovation. Turning to the technical section, we have a 5-inch Full HD screen, a 16-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front camera, 3GB / 4GB of RAM and a 32GB / 64GB of ROM depending on the version. The only detail is at its launch date, which is scheduled for spring and we hope it is not too late to compete in this busy market.


The best exponent of Nokia in the MWC 2018, the Nokia 7 Plus

This Smartphone turned out to be the best of all exponents of the Finnish manufacturer since its design, and technical section achieved a relationship of harmony and symmetry that leads to an air of originality and elegance, a detail that we have not perceived in a long time in the terminals of the company. It’s available in copper black and copper white, a couple of well-guessed options. It has Android One as operating system and is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor that is combined with 4GB RAM.


Nokia 8 Sirocco, a high-end device without much spark

The last of the five representatives of Nokia had to be a high-end device, which in theory must compete against the giants of the industry, but in truth, we are not convinced of the latter. The Nokia 8 Sirocco left more than one in the expectation when it was learned that it would use a Snapdragon 835 and we know that this is a great processor but for the past generation. Considering that currently, the most potent terminals are integrating the Snapdragon 845, we do not end to understand this move on the part of Nokia, because if they told us that they tried to reduce costs, maybe the choice would be acceptable, but the price of it is immutable, since it is around €800.


A half-way back at MWC 2018

We know that the company for a long time was relegated to the background in this market of Smartphones, so it is widely appreciated that they demonstrate their intentions to continue improving and scaling. But there is no doubt that they still have a long way to go if they are aspiring to the top. In the end, these five phones point to so many audiences that failed to capture the essence in one of them, even with its high range. However, the year is just beginning, and we hope that Nokia will dazzle us with some innovative device.


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