No.1 G6 Smartwatch Review – World’s First Dual Display Smartwatch Under $35!

After one and a half ever since it’s origin, the smartwatch manufacturer from the Chinese land ‘No.1’ is no stranger to you. The company has created some breathtaking smartwatches under a stupendous price tag, allowing every person on this planet to cherish the features. The smartwatches include  D5, D5 Plus, G5, and more. Still, all of them lacked some elegance, some uniqueness. But recently, the Chinese smartwatch makers came up with ‘No.1 G6 Smartwatch’ to fulfill what was missing in the previous generations. Even they made the watch:

World’s first smartwatch with Dual Display

The sole reason for reviewing this smartwatch today is No.1 G6 smartwatch attraction for such affordable price. As time is precious, so let’s just get into the details of G6 smartwatch:

What’s in the Box?

G6 Smartwatch is packed inside a white colored box with features arrangement intimating the “1” figure. The box is simple but old for those who are avid No.1 smartwatch users (the box is same for every watch) and new to those who have ordered it for the first time. Despite low budget, we think that No.1 should bring a variation to their package, as everyone knows:

First impression is the last impression


Moreover, the package includes:

  • G6 Smartwatch
  • USB cable (for charging)
  • User manual in English

Design & Appearance

Apart from the price tag, the design & appearance is the selling point of the smartwatch. Seriously, who would have thought the idea of dual display in a smartwatch? What’s more interesting is that we can wear the watch upside down, as there’s already a display down there.

no.1 g6 smartwatch

However, the watch is forged from 316L stainless steel. It has a trending round shaped frame. The hand brushed chassis is somewhat appreciating, and the regular lines on the round bezel further exaggerate its beauty.


On the rear is the heart sensor along with the secondary screen. If there weren’t any screws there, the rear could have looked better than the front.

Click to enlarge

Even with the TPU strap, we have the option to invert them. The front of the belt appears to be black with blue streaks while the rear features perspiration groove. Don’t worry; the strap is anti-allergic and unbreakable. The watch is similar to the smartphones with only 0.9mm thickness. It makes the watch ultra comfortable for the user to wear.


On the right side, we can find two buttons (Power/Lock and back) which invaginate from the skeleton. While on the left is the charging port.

Click to Enlarge

In short, the design & appearance of No.1 G6 smartwatch is indeed unprecedented from all its older brothers. In fact, it’s the most beautiful watch No.1 has every made.

Hardware & Features

Under the hood of No.1 G6 Smartwatch, MediaTek’s MTK2502 processor beats as the heart. Speaking the truth, the 1.2-inch capacitive display of the watch is mediocre with the resolution 240 x 240 pixels. Seriously we can find better smartwatches than this, but they are either too expensive or ugly faced.


Here are pictures of menus of D6 Smartwatch to understand better, what it contains:

Click to Enlarge

The features of the watch are somewhat unexpected under that price tag:

Sports watch features

  • Heart rate sensor which watches each heart beat you take
  • Pedometer counts every step you take
  • Sedentary reminder prevents your sluggishness
  • Sleep monitor to ensure that you have a quality sleep.

Smartphone features

  • Dialer & Phone call reminder
  • Message reminder
  • Remote Camera
  • Remote music
  • Facebook and Twitter alert
  • Alarm


Another highlighted feature of G6 is the smart wake function which allows the watch to turn on when you lift your wrist.

Connectivity & Battery

It is interesting to know that the watch can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth v4. Sadly, we don’t have any independence status like D5, but for that price, everything seems to be fair. Doesn’t it? We can even download its app. Don’t worry! You can find one in the user guide and on the watch itself, it’s totally English. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS and allows to see your daily, monthly and even yearly records.


No.1 G6 smartwatch is powered by 380mAh non-removable battery. The amperes seems to be less to you when compared to smartphones. Believe us, with a small screen size and low resolution, an energy-efficient processor, and intelligence power saving / smart wake up function; the watch can last up to a week under regular use. Sadly, it doesn’t sport magnetic charging but can be charged via MicroUSB cable.

Here’s are some clock faces shown in the images:

Specification Sheet

Attention: The internal data of table “152” is corrupted!

Pros & Cons


  1. Heart rate sensor
  2. Dual display
  3. Nice look, invertible
  4. Long battery life
  5. Affordable price


  1. No Independent status (network, WiFi, Android OS, etc.)
  2. Mediocre resolution

Where to Buy No.1 G6 Smartwatch?

If you are interested in purchasing No.1 G6 Smartwatch, you can buy it from for a price of $34.59. The watch is available silver and black colors to select. Here’s the link:



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