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Do you like sports? Well, then we have good news for you, today we have a smartwatch with a sport orientated style focused mainly on our physical activity, despite the fact that it has a really casual style, we can choose a leather or steel strap to adapt to the environment we’re in.

Aside from your typical everyday features of this kind of devices, the No.1 G4 really gave us a surprise with a variety of functions that are not common on this type of wearable, and it was even more of a surprise when we realized we were talking about a low-cost device.




When we talk about features or functions, this particular smartwatch gives a lot to talk about; this is because it has a multitude of functions that we usually find in smartphones. Of course, it also includes your everyday smartwatch functions.

To start this off, we have the possibility to insert an SIM card allowing us to receive calls, this by itself it’s a huge feature, you might wonder why because there’s a whole variety of smartwatches that have this same function, but the difference with this particular wearable, is that this one has a way lower price than the other models.


We also have that wonderful heart rate sensor proper of these kinds of devices, of course, this is nothing out the ordinary, mostly every smartwatch has this function, but at this point, it’s pretty much mandatory to have this feature, it’s amazingly convenient for those who love exercise and don’t want to overextend themselves.  We also have to keep in mind, that this particular function also comes in many high-end smartphones and, as we know, those smartphones are quite expensive, which is a completely different case with our friend No.1 G4.

Speaking of common features, we have a pedometer, fast charge so that we can charge our watch when we’re in hurry, a distance monitor, calories counter, sedentary reminder, alarm, and many others.

This is why we said this smartwatch is ideal for sportive people; just with the calories counter and the sedentary reminder, it’s a perfect device for the exercise lover.  Do you have any idea of how convenient is to know how many calories did you burn after an exercise session? Well, let me answer for you, it’s really convenient. Also, the sedentary reminder pretty much tells us to get out of the couch, some might say it’s a little annoying, but after all, it’s looking out for your health, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Specifications and Design


For its hardware platform, the manufacturer has decided to go for the MTK6261. As for the memories, it counts with 64 MB of RAM and 128 of internal storage, the internal storage can be expanded with the use of a micro SD memory card to up to 16 GB.

It has a 2GGSM network connectivity that works with the bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz, if your phone provider works with these bands then your No.1 G4 will work perfectly. It also counts with a 350 mAh battery with an intelligent power saving function that can extend the battery life for 6 to 12 hours, and it also has a particular charger, which we’ll talk about that in a second.


As for the design, it’s really elegant; it gives that “I’m classy but also casual” kind of vibe which is curious taking into consideration that this is mostly a sportive watch, but as we said before we can choose to have a leather strap or a steel strap; with any of them, you will be the classiest person anywhere you go, unless somebody else is using this smartwatch, in that case, you will have to share the spotlight.

As for the screen, we have a 1,2 inches screen with a resolution of 240x 240 pixels. This particular screen is really hard and it’s also anti-scratch, something really convenient for these devices since they tend to take a lot of hits.


The charger of this smartwatch is not your regular everyday charger, no; it’s a magnetic suction charger. Now, the ones who aren’t familiar with this kind of charger, it’s pretty much a magnet that you stick to the rear area of your smartwatch to charge it. As simple as that, and thanks to the intelligent charging function, our smartwatch can be fully charged in no more than 20 minutes which is a ridiculously low time.



What’s in the box?

Now then, don’t expect a “Jack in the box” kind of surprise here, we have pretty much the standard; we have the smartwatch with the built-in 350 mAh battery, the magnetic suction charger together with a USB cable and, last but not least, the user’s manual.




What else can we say about this magnificent, low-price device? It gives you a ton of benefits, which are mostly proper of more expensive wearables, for a ridiculously low price, what else can you ask for? It’s the deal of a lifetime. That battery charging time and that energy saving function are incredibly huge pros for this watch, and don’t forget the features that will make those sport lovers fall in love with it.

Definitely, this is a must-buy if you want a great smartwatch, trust us, you won’t be disappointed.


Where to Buy?

You can buy this No.1 G4 for an incredible price from these online stores:

Buy No.1 G4 from for 39.89 US Dollars

Buy No.1 G4 from for 37.39 US Dollars


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