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The No.1 G3 is a smartwatch made with mostly plastic materials, it also shares some features with the Samsung Gear S2. This watch comes with Micro SIM and Micro SD slots so that we can make and receive calls from our phone thanks to its speaker and microphone, together with a heart rate sensor and a low price, this device can be considered a gigantic bargain.

Design and Materials


This smartwatch obviously has the same design as the Samsung Gear S2. As we said before this smartwatch is made purely of plastic materials, supporting the twist of the plastic strap. The only metallic element is the classic zipper of the No.1 G3. The materials would be right if we were talking about a sports watch, but that’s not the case since it doesn’t count with IP protection against dust and splashes.

Focusing on the design, we have proportions of 5.10 x 4.30 x 1.30 cm and a weight of 50 g. On the right side, we have two interaction buttons, the upper executes the back action and the lower is the On/Off button as well as the “return” to the dial; later on, we’ll talk about the speaker. The left side is exclusively for the microphone.

The rear area its quite full: A heart rate sensor for real-time monitoring, body thermometer, a charging port and under the lid we find a 380 mAh battery and two, one for the Micro SD of up to 16 GB and the other for the Micro SIM.

It has a dial with a 1.3 inches IPS panel with a 240 x 240 pixels. Either inside or outside we can perfectly see the screen thanks to its brightness regulation so that we can adapt to our surroundings. This smartwatch comes in 3 colors: black, silver and gold all while keeping its plastic materials. It has a unisex design and it’s pretty much for any age. Those who’re looking for a simple, casual and elegant watch, the No.1 G3 it’s an ideal choice.



The customization is something that is more present in the No.1 G3 than in any other smartwatch on the market. It gives us the possibility to customize our dial with 7 different backgrounds. The menu can also be customized by choosing between 3 different backgrounds, the icons will remain the same. A real improvement has to be the possibility to choose a second menu interface, putting the icons in a circular matter just like with the Gear S2, in case you find this confusing, you can always go for the 4 icons interface.




We’ll talk about the different icons and functions of the menu.

First Screen: Dialer to realize calls from the watch, SMS messages from our SIM, a phonebook with all of our contacts and a record of all our calls.

Second Screen: Device synchronization via Bluetooth, remote notifier, QR code so that we can download the app for our mobile and configuration menu.

Third Screen: Remote audio player, a photographic trigger, sound recorder and the ability to change the way the menu looks with 3 different designs to choose.

Fourth Screen: Alarm setting, an event calendar, a very convenient calculator and a chronometer to that we don’t burn of food.

Fifth and Sixth Screen: Health and sport-related apps, this includes a pedometer, cardiac measurement, sleep monitor and a sedentary lifetime reminder, basically, what that does is remind us when we’re being lazy. Moving on the next screen we have a thermometer, a UV indicator, and a real-time heart rate monitoring. The only app that’s not sport related is a really helpful lost devices locator.

Seventh Screen: Energy saving, file administrator, interface and gesture control configuration.

Eighth Screen: A gallery so that we can see the images stored in our Micro SD, a vibrating function, a clock and a health assistant.

Ninth Screen: Siri, world clock, an LED light and the sound options.



Phonebook, dialer, and voice call: Either via an SIM card or by Bluetooth linking with our smartphone the No.1 G3 will provide us with the possibility to make or receive calls thanks to its incorporated speaker and microphone.

The phonebook is synchronized with the contacts you have on the SIM, something very important to know since most people save their contacts to their phones or their Google account. The dialer is a little small, which will be a big problem for people with big fingers.

Messaging and notifications: Complete access to all of our SMS such as direct writing, with a tiny keypad and it’s somewhat hard to use when we’re in a hurry. As for the notifications, it presents compatibility with Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, E-Mail, and the list goes on and on. We’ll also receive the notifications that we would normally receive in our linked smartphone.

Device localization, LED light and more: For that kind of people that tend to lose everything, the device localization function will be your best friend since it will help you find your lost smartphone. We also have the LED light function, which changes our screen to a totally white tonality. There are other functions such as a calculator and a really odd vibrating function.

Remote functions: Such as other devices of the same kind, we can play music from our linked device with the use of very simplistic controls. It presents a really high sound quality, although when the volume is at the max the quality goes way down, but after all, we’re talking about a smartwatch speaker. Another function is photographic trigger with an image preview.

Health-related functions: The No.1 G3 worries about the physical well-being of its owner, that’s why it counts with a great variety of health and sports apps. The watch pretty much tells us when we’re being lazy and gives us the courage to exercise.

Thanks to the pedometer we’ll have an approximate number of the calories we burned during our exercise and we’ll always keep track of our heart rate thanks to the real-time heart rate monitor. It also counts with a sleep monitor that tells us how much did we sleep, we also have a thermometer and a UV rays indicator so that we don’t get sunburns.


NO.1 G3
Proportions 5.10 x 4.30 x 1.30 cm
Weight 50 grams
Colors Black, silver, and gold
Watch Materials Plastic
Strap Materials Silicone
IP Protection No
Exchangeable Strap No
Camera No
Screen 1.3 inches, resolution of 240 x 240 píxeles
RAM Memory 64 MB
ROM Memory 128 MB
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 380 mAh
Languages Spanish, English, Chinese, German, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese
Compatibility Android and iOS
Sensors Heart rate, pedometer, thermometer




This smartwatch has many interesting features, to have a watch tell you that you’re being lazy is an odd but yet nice experience, since it will improve our life quality, it also counts with the basic features most smartwatches have, such as linking with another device and remote music playing, as well as realizing and receiving calls from the watch itself. The sound quality is good as long as you don’t put it at full volume.

It counts with a great customization so that everyone can make their watch look as they want, it also counts with a great variety of apps and functions that will make our life really easier, except for the vibration function, we still don’t know what that is for.

Anyways this device is really awesome, it almost doesn’t have any defect aside from the sound quality and the fact that it doesn’t have IP protection, so if you’re looking for a casual looking smartwatch with tons of benefits, well look no more this is the perfect watch for you.


  • Micro SIM and Micro SD slots.
  • A really good battery.
  • 3 colors to choose from.


  • Lacks IP protection against dust and splashes
  • Some functions are a little limited, such as the case of the image viewer



This a comparative image between No.1 G3 and Samsung Gear S2. You can see the differences between them. Which will be your choice?

Can you imagine running in the morning, listening your favorite music, reading your messages without having to check the phone, but just seeing your wrist, and at the end of training you can check how was your heart performance, the kilometers you traveled and temperatures you have completed? With No. 1 G3 you can do that and much more!

Where to Buy?

If you want to buy this amazing Smartwatch you can buy it now on the mostly favorite online store:

If you are familirized buying products directly from the chinese market or if you want to save some dollars, you can buy it too from here:

CUBOT X17S from for 57.89 US Dollars


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