NO.1 F7: An excellent smartwatch designed for athletes

The renowned Chinese manufacturer of smartwatches, NO.1 is probably not one of the best known exponents here in the Western world in any way, in addition, with a large number of smartwatches that are continuously released to the market and the new and diverse models that are already on sale, perhaps make it even more difficult for you to know this brand, however, in XiaomiToday we had already talked about them before, more precisely in the review of NO.1 F6 and NO.1 G6, so this time we will let you know the NO.1 F7, a smartwatch designed to offer excellent features in terms of strength and durability, designed for active people and sports fans. The NO.1 F7 would be the best model of the F series, of NO.1, is expected to be on sale over the course of the next few weeks.

NO.1 F7

NO.1 F7: Design and water resistance

As for its design, this Smartwatch has four physical buttons that are located on the sides of the watch, and also comes in two separate presentations, starting with a totally black model with polished details and another almost completely black with gray details, with respect to its design in general, the NO.1 F7 is a smartwatch that is pleasing to the eye, with a really harmonious design among its many details that define it as a sports watch, reminding a lot of the famous sports watches belonging to the CASIO G-Shock series, which makes this specific model call more attention, since it has that familiar appearance to which we are accustomed, updated in a new and useful smartwatch.

NO.1 F7

In addition to all the above, the NO.1 F7, has IP67 certification, so this watch will be able to withstand dust and water splashes of all kinds, so we should not worry about maintaining excessive care in our sports sessions. However, we can not submerge it very deep for a prolonged period of time due to the limitation presented by the IP67 certification, which only allows complete immersion at 1-meter depth for a maximum time of 30 minutes.

NO.1 F7

NO.1 F7: Screen

In this section the NO.1 F7 has a small and functional OLED touch screen with bright colors, of which we do not have much more information at the moment, except for the fact that this variant will be an improvement over its 2 previous direct versions belonging to the series F. of NO.1, No.1 F6 and No.1 F5, which were launched during the past year.

NO.1 F7

NO.1 F7: Functionality

The NO.1 F7 is a smartwatch that is equipped with a large and wide variety of features ranging from a pedometer, which is responsible for measuring our steps in numbers and the distance we travel in our trips and tours, to a heart rate monitor, which has as the main function to keep us aware of any anomaly or change in our rhythm. There is also a barometer, which will be responsible for measuring the atmospheric pressure present in the air from where we are, this function is especially useful for climbers, and people who visit high places, and to finish we have a no less useful application: a compass, which will always be one of the most important tools in outdoor travel.

NO.1 F7

In addition to all these features, this device also has the most common functions that should normally be part of a smartwatch, such as notifications of calls, SMS and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, without neglecting its main function as a watch. Well, what were you thinking? Yes. This clock is mainly made to tell time.

NO.1 F7: Connectivity

In this section the NO.1 F7 has a connection interface belonging to Bluetooth 4.2 technology, with which we can pair it directly to our mobile by downloading the official mobile app NO.1 F7, it is available on Play store and is called FunDo Pro, which has as a requirement, android 4.3 or higher. Through the functions of this application we can get the various data monitored in real time by the NO.1 F7 and at the same time receive all those mobile notifications that are part of the day to day of our lives, we are talking about: Calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, etc.

NO.1 F7

NO.1 F7: Battery

The NO.1 F7 battery has a capacity of 400 mAh, which is considered a generous battery for a smartwatch. Thanks to the performance of this battery and its low power design, this watch can last approximately 20 days with an average use as clock, pedometer, compass and cardiac monitor, and only about 16 hours continue, if you are using the route mode with GPS, this converts the NO.1 F7 into a smartwatch with a long battery life compared to what we are used to seeing in other devices of the same category.

NO.1 F7

NO.1 F7: Specification table

Basic information
Manufacturer’s name NO.1
Product name NO.1 F7
Model GPS, Smartwatch
Size 0.95 inches
Resolution 96×64
Processor Nordic, NRF52832QFAA
Android N/A
Type Lithium-ion polymer
Removable No
Capacity 400mAh
Application Hplus, FunDo Pro
Compatibility Android and iOS
Sports functions
Applications Heart rate sensor, pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary alarm, barometer, altimeter
Wireless networks
Bluetooth version 4.2
Certificate IP67
Contents of the box 1x NO.1 F7, 1x USB charger cable, 1x User manual in English and Chinese

NO.1 F7: Availability and price

The NO.1 F7 will go on sale on March 20 and will come to stores with an excellent price of $44.99 dollars, which at the change would be €37 euros, not bad considering the features it offers. You can order it now through the online store of NO.1 F7, where you will be placed on a waiting list to receive the product as soon as possible.

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