High End NO.1 F7 Smart Watch Offered For Just $49.86

No.1 has never failed us when it comes to the production of topnotch smartwatches. They are a well know brand in the smartwatch market. The NO.1 F7 SmartWatch is the latest device of the brand which was launched a month ago. This smartwatch sports loads of classic features that set it top in the smartwatch market alongside its good Pocket-friendly price. Let’s get to meet the smartwatch

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Design & Appearance

The NO.1 F7 SmartWatch comes in a classic packaging. It sports a bezel design with a pressure-proof and drops proof screen. With this embedded in the device, you don’t have to be frightened when the smartwatch hits the ground or collide with something. Taking a close look at the back of the watch, you would see clearly the Heart rate monitor with Acceleration sensor and heart rate sensor. These help us to sense our heart rate anytime or periodically. The smartwatch is embedded with 4 buttons which are located by the side, these buttons are used to start, stop, Up and Down scroll. The buttons are made with anti-slip design and meticulously built. The strap of the smartwatch is made from high-quality rubber and the hook is made of stainless steel. Taking this into consideration, the smartwatch wouldn’t place a strain on your writs, that is, the smartwatch would be in your hand and it would look like though there is nothing in your hand. With the smartwatch IP67 Professional protection level, you could wear it even in the rain, hand washing, don’t worry about it.

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The  NO.1 F7 SmartWatch sports a with a corning third-floor glass with OLED colored Display which indicates that you would have a very good clear display. The screen size is 0.95 inches and with a 96*49P display resolution which provides a vibrant effect. The smartwatch like earlier stated comes with a colorful display that can be used directly under sunlight without any problem. The screen displays Call notification, message notification, social app notification sleep monitor temperature change notification, and many more.

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Hardware & Performance

Just like a smartphone, the  NO.1 F7 SmartWatch powered by an NRF52832 processor clocked at 1.7 GHz which is more than sufficient for a small device like this. Other features embedded in the smartwatch includes built-in GPS, altitude measurement and barometric pressure measurement which would allow track all your sport and outdoor activity. The smartwatch sport a 400mAh, which would be able to last for 20 days with normal use and 16 days use of continuous GPS. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity, and it can connect both to ios and android.

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The smartwatch comes features you can find in high end smartwatches which includes, a Pedometer / Sleep Monitoring / Sedentary Reminder which record all your activities in the day, calculate the distance you walk, calories burned, take care of your health, monitor your sleep, remind you to have a rest and track your steps, mileage, and calories for high-quality sports. With its Incoming call remind & Messages notification,  if a call is entering your phone and the smartwatch is connected to it via Bluetooth, the callers ID would be displayed on the screen The smartwatch also comes with a Heart Rate Monitor which accurately monitor pulses and active and resting heart rate changes to generate a professional heart rate report.

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Where To Buy The NO.1 F7 Smart Watch

The NO.1 F7 SmartWatch is currently available on Gearbest for just $49.86 and would be delivered to your destination for free.



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