NO.1 F7 Outdoor Rugged Smartwatch-Start your active life

No.1 F7 is the latest launch from the No.1, one of the best smartwatch manufacturers in China, and With a mid-range budget, the smartwatch comes packed with tons of feature of a premium smartwatch. The No.1 F7 rugged design is specially made for the active users. With the F7 you will get a rugged, excellent design smartwatch without having a strain in your pocket.

No.1 F7 Smartwatch

At these time picking a smartwatch is a big deal. The market is full of smartwatches that promises everything bundled. But the question remains the same which smartwatch is best. With the F7 launch, smartwatch market will get a smartwatch loaded with features for everyone. Here we are going to unveil every feature of this smartwatch we have.

Design and Construction

No.1 F7 comes loaded with bezel sported design with pressure proof and drop proof screen. It makes smartwatch very reliable to wear anytime, and you will be free from fear of breaking smartwatch. In the back side of the device, you will get a Heart rate monitor with Acceleration sensor and heart rate sensor. So you can sense your heart rate anytime or periodically.

No.1 F7
It has four buttons on its side for a start, stop, Up and Down. All buttons are made with anti-slip design and meticulously built. It will come handy in day to use you will get adapted to it real quick. The strap is made of high-quality rubber and hook is of stainless steel. That doesn’t put much strain on your writs, so you have to wear it once and forget about it. The whole smartwatch comes with an IP67 rating, so it’s a waterproof smartwatch. The design of smartwatch is tightly sealed and can stay underwater up to 50meters, but we recommend not to do that.

No.1 F7


For the display, F7 has a corning third-floor glass with OLED Display. Its 0.95 inches with 96*49P display resolution provide a vibrant effect. It has a colorful display that can be seen in direct sunlight without any problem. From the Display only you can use features like Call notification, message notification, social app notification sleep monitor temperature change notification, and many more.

With the sleep monitor, you can track your sleep like how many hours you slept last night and are you taking proper rest. Temperature Change comes handy you can always know how the weather is today from your wrist only.

Hardware and Performance

The F7 smartwatch is powered with an NRF52832 processor that is clocked at 1.7 GHz that is more than enough for a small device. With built-in GPS, altitude measurement and barometric pressure measurement You can track your all sport and outdoor activity. With the multisport feature, you can set your sports activity including Badminton, Basketball, Mountaineering, Cycling, Running and many more.

The battery of F7 is 400mAh, and with a single charge, it can last for 20 days with normal use and 16 days use of continuous GPS. It has Bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity, and it can connect both to ios and android.

No.1 F7


If you are into mountaineering, then this is the device made for you as it can measure altitude, temperature change etc. GPS with inbuild Compass provides a comprehensive trace recording function. With all these outdoor activity features you will also find Altitude sensor that can track your altitude in real time and measure overall progress of climbing.

It can be used for every day to day activity, so you don’t have to think twice about sweat and dirt, rain, water, you can take it to shower, handwash anywhere.

Where To Buy No.1 F7 Smartwatch

The No.1 F7 Smartwatch is currently available at and for $44.99.

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