No.1 DT88 Smartwatch Review: Way Cheaper Than Galaxy Active

We are sure when most of you are looking for a new smartwatch the first brands coming to your mind are Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Fixbit, etc. But agree the high-end models of these companies cost a fortune. For all those customers who want a smartwatch with a stylish look, high build quality, all necessary features, and at a low price tag, we have the best offer for you. But we are not going to sell anything to you. When we first got the No.1 DT88 smartwatch in our hands, the first thing we think about was ‘how beautiful it is’. But in fact, we have been waiting for a sports watch.

Interestingly, the company is promoting this product as a sports watch that can be worn outdoors and indoor when exercising. But its appearance hints we can use it in other scenarios as well. Honestly, it looks like an elegant smartwatch. But the saturated sports features make it put in the category of sports watches.

DT88 Sports Watch Appearance

The DT88 uses a circular shape. In fact, the screen that occupies the whole front panel is a bit smaller than most of the current models. That’s why many think the 1.22-inch screen is more suitable for women. But if you are not bouncing, it will suit you as well. The chassis is made of plastic. (We have seen some sources claiming it’s made of stainless steel, but we don’t think it’s so.) Although it has a golden cover that makes it look like metal.

The screen is not wholly touchable. Its surface is made of tempered glass and uses anti-fingerprint oil that won’t allow you to leave fingerprints on the screen. The edges of the screen are a bit rounded.

On the right side of the chassis, we can find a single button that supports two functions only. It can be used for turning it on/off or unlocking the screen. It works smoothly and doesn’t require effort to operate.

The one we got has two straps in black and pink. But we know there are other color options as well. Plus, apart from the silicone straps, there are metal variants as well. Thus, the company offers a variety of straps for multiple cases. As the straps use the quick release option, you can replace them anytime anywhere according to your needs and preferences. It is 245mm in length, which is enough for a thin female wrist or for a large male hand.

On the backside, we can find the heart rate sensor as well as the charging connectors. As you guess, it uses a magnetic charging method, which is the most convenient method.

Well, this smartwatch looks like the Galaxy Active. And many say, it’s the cheap alternative of the mentioned model. But we have a question – what a smartwatch the Galaxy Active looks in its turn?

DT88 Hardware and Advantages

Though we don’t like talking about the hardware of smartwatches, this is not the case. The DT88 is packed with the energy-efficient NRF 52832 chip. The latter is considered to be the mid-range member of the nRF52 series. It meets the challenges of a broad range of applications, protocol concurrency and a rich and varied set of peripherals and features.

It is built around an ARM Cortex-M4 CPU with floating-point unit running at 64MHz. It has NFC-A Tag for use in simplified pairing and payment solutions. As for the DT88 particularly, it supports AliPay. It has numerous digital peripherals and interfaces such as PDM and I2S for digital microphones and audio.

Exceptionally low energy consumption is achieved using a sophisticated on-chip adaptive power management system.

Under the hood, the DT88 smartwatch carries a 150mAh battery. When testing, it lasted for 2 days and a few hours. But you should take into account we were using it much. So for regular use, it should keep alive for 6-7 days. If you think that’s not enough, just know the company has sacrified the battery to make the watch thinner.

Though the watch has an IP68 rating, it’s not recommended to wear it to a hot tub or in saunas.

DT88 Experience

Everything on this phone is controlled and displayed in an app called Fundo. It allows to link with the phone and use its music, camera, get messages to the smartwatch directly, set the time and date, etc. So if you want to use its features wholly, you have to download and install this app. The watch supports Bluetooth 4.2 and is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or higher.

There are a few operations you should keep in mind: swipe from bottom to top to open the main menu that includes not only the heart rate monitoring and sedentary reminder, but also the rest of the sports functions. The DT8 can track your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and sleep quality.

But it’s also a sports watch. The DT88 offers 9 sports modes, weather forecast, atmospheric pressure, and ultraviolet level. Among the sports modes, we’d like to emphasize the swimming mode.

When you want to go to the previous screen/home screen, just swipe from right to left. Swiping from left to right will open the messages. The same operation from right to left will push the phone to monitor your heart rate. And when you want to change the brightness or turn the Do Not Disturb Mode on swipe from top to bottom.

We are not going to talk about the instructions on how to use the DT88 smartwatch, because the user manual inside in multiple languages explains everything quite well.


After testing this smartwatch for a few days we came to the following conclusion. The DT88 combines the sports functions of corresponding watches and the stylish and minimalistic look. So it can be worn in any situation and case. Just be sure this watch will track all your moves and monitor your health providing quite useful information. Also, it can serve as a stylish watch. And for all this, you have to pay coins.


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