No.1 DT68 Smartwatch Review: Not A Regular Sports Watch

The smartwatch market is oversaturated. This means it’s quite difficult for newbies to find their place under the sun. As for the old manufacturers, they should work even harder in order to keep their popularity and attract new customers. Honestly, one of my favorite companies is No.1. It always brings fresh and modern models to the market. And what’s more important, this company doesn’t require too much for its products. Many may think, if the No.1 smartwatches are priced affordably, they are not made of high-quality materials and lack many useful features. But the phenomenon is that the DT smartwatches have been always known for their sportive look, all highly-demanded features, and quality materials. I can talk about this surely because I have owned a number of No.1 smartwatches and know this brand very well. This time, I am going to introduce you the brand new No.1 DT68 smartwatch that I got last week. After testing, I found out that I don’t want to put it on the shelves and forget about it. I mean this smartwatch has become my next watch. I guess you understand not all products can achieve such a success for a user who is testing similar products every day.

Appearance and Screen

As said, it is an affordable smartwatch. But this doesn’t make the manufacturer put less useful features inside (and outside). Say, it sports a circular screen with 1.2 inches and 240×240 resolution. It’s a full touch screen with a large viewing angle. The display is also covered with a Corning Gorilla glass that doesn’t fear any scratches and drops. At the same time, the bezel is made of 316 steel.

Unlike other watches coming our way from this manufacturer, the DT68 is not a classic sportive watch. Instead, it looks like a mainstream watch such as the AMAZFIT GTR. The overall design is elegant and unrestrained. I mean you can wear it when going to the sport or with casual wear.

The DT68 isn’t bulky. But we can’t call it a slim watch as well. The overall design and the components inside make it weigh 59g.


I liked the watch’s two-color design. The one I am reviewing comes in black with red design elements. But there is another color option for women mainly.

The 22mm straps have an interesting texture. And the red addition on the inner side makes it look quite attractive. By the way, I don’t like red. But this combination looks very stylish to me. You can also buy a universal 22mm strap and replace them without any tools. As you guess, the watch supports a quick-release option.

At last, the watch is IP68 water- and dust-proof. But it’s not recommended to wear in hot water and sauna.


The smartwatches come with low-power chips to solve the traditional problems of battery life. The DT68 is no exception. It is packed with a 230mAh with long standby for 50 days. In fact, the small-capacity battery takes only two hours to charge. So you don’t have to worry much about the charging.

DT68 DT68 DT68


First, we should say the watch offers 20+ dial themes you can choose from. So from a sportive watch, it can turn into a classic watch with a single click.

The interface is intuitive – home screen, quick settings, notifications – all accessible by swiping in various directions.

Interacting with the DT68 is a tale of swipes and taps, and the story is illustrated with some fun graphics that visualize the weather and other UI elements. A handful of watch faces can also be accessed with a long press of the main screen. To approve a face, just tap on it. There’s a simple to navigate settings menu and when paired with a smartphone through Bluetooth, the watch can realize message synchronization, calls, Facebook notification, and the likes.

However, we are dealing with a smartwatch. So most of you should be interested in its fitness tracking features and the likes. The DT68 supports ECG detection. Due to the Fusion PPG+HRV to measure accurate data with abandoning cumbersome medical equipment and display photoelectric waveforms, you can use it for heart health evaluation. For heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen big data management, DT68 can give an analysis of subcutaneous blood flow. Of course, you can also display more comprehensive data through the mobile app.

Our protagonist also supports 9 sports modes of walking, running, cycling, climbing, football, basketball, and table tennis. All these modes help you analyze and improve your exercise level.

What I need in a smartwatch is the sleep monitoring. And as the DT68 is a lightweight smartwatch, I don’t have to take it off when going to sleep. Moreover, during the last week that I was testing the watch, I didn’t have to charge it. So the DT68 is a good companion for monitoring my sleep quality and wellness.

It is designed as a personal assistant, coming with a number of useful functions such as sedentary reminder, drinking water reminder, Bluetooth camera, alarm reminder, and the likes. Due to them, it makes your life much easier.

Wrap Up

The DT68 works with Android and iOS. And as it has a stylish look, low pricing, many features, and a long-lasting battery life, I recommend the DT68 as your next smartwatch.


Argam Artashyan

Back in 2010, he was dismissed from his position as a lecturer at the university. This made him get another job at his friend’s digital marketing company as a blog writer. After a few years, when he was thinking the article writing is his mission, Google pushed the Panda update and affected the company and websites he was working at. (Un)fortunately and surprisingly, he got an offer to head a large knitting factory. In 2016, he got his Ph.D. and resumed teaching at the University … and writing tech-related articles following his passion.

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