No.1 DT08 Smartwatch Review: Classic Sports Watch Under $30

The smart wearable market has started gaining momentum long ago. Even we can say it’s in a crisis. We mean the manufacturers are not able to bring many new technologies and innovations to the products of this type. If the top brands like Apple and Samsung invent something, those technologies are adopted by second-tier companies and offered at a lower price tag. The smartwatch we are going to talk about is one of them. Recently, I received the No.1 DT08 smartwatch, which is a classic sports watch. What’s more interesting, it comes with a sportive look, all features we used to see in smartwatches, has a high build quality and is priced quite less – $29.99.

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Generally, this brand is known for its cheap smartwatches made for all kinds of customers. Thus, among its products, anyone can find a watch corresponding to their taste and needs. In this sense, the DT08 is for those who have an active lifestyle and want a smartwatch with everything that can be in it.

No1 DT08

No.1 DT08 Design

When we take a glance at the No.1 DT08, it appears that it looks like a bulky smartwatch. But interestingly, the company has also added three buttons on the right side of the chassis, making the interaction more convenient. And though the screen is touchable, you can do various operations with those buttons as well. The watch features a rugged design. That’s not difficult to guess our protagonist has a waterproof rating of IP67. Thus, you can wear it under the rain and it can get wet, but we are not recommending to use it when swimming.

There are two color options. One of them comes with a silver chassis when the other one has black coloring. The round chassis is made of stainless steel. This is also true for the buttons. The straps are made of silicone. By the way, inside the box, you can also find another pair of straps that you can replace when the original ones are damaged. The straps have a 24cm width, which is standard for smartwatches from this category.

The body is made of carbon fiber, which comes with an interesting and attractive texture. It really makes the watch look luxurious. But we still keep in mind that the No.1 DT08 is a cheap product. So you should be lucky to get your hands on a smartwatch that offers a number of high-end features and costs a coin.

On the opposite side, we can find the heart rate sensor as well as the connectors that are used for charging the watch.

Generally talking, the No.1 DT08 is a sports watch and everything in it proves this. It is a bit heavier than other models, coming at 69 grams. But this watch can be worn by both men and females.

No.1 DT08 Screen and Battery

The No.1 DT08 sports a round screen, which is 1.3 inches and has a resolution of 240 x 240. This is quite sufficient for displaying all the information you need. But what’s more important, the company has put a system that besides the text also brings quite interesting images for each function. So even if you don’t understand what’s written, you can always understand what screen you are looking at. However, this display has a little shortcoming. When it is at the normal brightness, under the direct sunlight, you won’t be able to get a clear viewing experience.

Anyways, one of the selling points of this watch is the 350mAh battery. The manufacturer claims it will keep alive for 20 days if using normally. And during the test, the No.1 DT08 consumed about 6% of the power. So it’s quite realistic to get such a performance.

As for the rest of the features, the watch is packed with a Nordic nrf52832 chip. It can be found in a number of wearables. We mean this chip has already proven its stable performance. Plus, the No.1 DT08 supports Bluetooth 4.2.

No.1 DT08 Features

When it comes to the experience, we should say there are three main sections of features: Sports features, Active lifestyle features, and Life assistant.

The first group of features includes various sports modes as walking, running, riding, climbing, football, basketball, indoor activities, and badminton. As you see, there are no activities related to swimming. And this is quite logical because the No.1 DT08 doesn’t support high waterproofness and also it is not comfortable for swimming due to its large and heavy body.

The second group of features refers to altitude, air pressure, compass, and environmental monitoring. Thus, with this watch, you will be never lost.

As for the Life assistant, the watch can measure your heart rate, monitor your sleep quality, alarm when you sit long, and can also help you get incoming calls from your smartphone.


The No.1 DT08 is one of those models that can’t boast of an unseen feature. Instead, it’s an ideal sports watch with a number of useful features. At the same time, it looks like a genuine rugged smartwatch with a carbon fiber body that carries an attractive texture. So we recommend this watch to those who want a cheap-but-good smartwatch.


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