No.1 D5 – Everything that You Ever Need in a Smartwatch!

Many tantalizing Smartwatches were introduced this year. But all of them lacked something. This included an independent watch, heart sensor, pedometer, 3G, etc. So looking at this, the renowned Chinese company ‘NO.1.’ launched their newest smart watch called No.1 D5.

First impression of NO.1 D5
First impression of NO.1 D5

It’s the end of 2015 and NO.1 has done something great, and after having a glimpse on No.1 D5 features, you will say:

Surely NO.1 has perfectly end this year and started the new year in style

Detailed view of NO.1 D5 Smart Watch:

Design and Appearance:

D5 features a sleek Aluminium metal alloy body coupled with leather wristband. The shape of the watch is circular, which further exaggerate its beauty. Moreover, the back is made of stainless steel.

On the left side of the watch is the dialer (button).

NO.1 D5
Side (dialer) view

You guys would be glad to know that it is slim as compared to the majority of the smart watches. The part of this watch is that it is IP65 certified.

While wearing this watch seems to look perfect on the wrist; not too big not too small.

NO.1 D5 fits perfectly on wrist
NO.1 D5 fits perfectly on wrist

Screen and Display:

The face of D5 is represented by a tough, smooth IPS screen having 360 x 360 resolution display with 16 Million colors. The diameter of the screen is 1.3 inches, and the glass is an anti-scratch.

On hand view of D5 with clock mode On
On hand view with clock, mode On

Hardware and OS:

The heart of the D5 smart watch is the solid 64 bit, Octa-core MediaTek MTK6572  processor with 512 MB of RAM which is enough to handle a low energy consuming watch. The internal storage is 4 GB with no option of inserting a TF card, which is the only drawback of this watch.

Moreover, the smart watch is powered by a Li-ion battery having a capacity of 450 mAh and can be charged through a USB charger. Sadly, this watch does not support adsorption or magnetic charge. This time, NO.1 D5 has a built in OS. The OS is based on Android KitKat (V 4.4), and the best thing is that now it supports google play store.

Simple OS of D5
Simple OS of D5


Now coming to the most interesting part of this smart watch, iit is not the first time that NO.1 has introduced an independent, smart watch. But for them, this is the first smart watch which not only has a SIM slot but also supports 3G network. But wait, friends! That is not all this watch offers. Apart from networking, this watch is the first of its kind to have a built-in WiFi 802.11 AC and Bluetooth 4.0 (supports both 2.1 and 4.0).


Well, if you were excited after looking at the connectivity aspect, but you will get amazed by looking at the features of D5. Some of the D5’s rare features includes:

  • Support for making calls and seeing text messages and contacts
  • Independent music player
  • Health features such as a Sleep Tracker, Sedentary reminder, heart rate monitor and a pedometer
  • A barometer and G-sensor
  • Multiple clock face support,
Multiple clocks of NO.1 D5
Multiple clocks of NO.1 D5

Here are some more on-screen multiple clocks:

Other common features include a browser, voice search, alarm, a weather app, health data synchronization, vibration and more.

Technical Specifications:

Model: NO.1 D5
Product modeling: Android Smartwatch
System: Android 4.4
CPU: Mediatek MTK6572
Resolution: 360 * 360 , 16 Million color
RAM: 512MB
Wifi: Support
Google Play: Support

Make calls: Support
See text messages: Support
Contacts: Support
Heart Rate: Support
Pedometer: Support
Bluetooth: BT2.1 + BLE4.0
Browser: Support
Barometer: Support
Voice Search: Support
Alarm: Support
Remote camera: Support
Weather: Support
Health Data Synchronization: Support
Change Clock Face: Support
Install App: Support

Speaker: Support
Waterproof: IP65
Battery capacity: 450mAH
Vibration motor: Support
Antenna: Support
Side buttons: Support
SIM card: Support Micro SIM
Network: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz; WCDMA 850/2100
Chargers: Support
USB: Support
G-SENSOR: Support

Rating D5 Smart Watch:

  • Design and Appearance: 8 out of 10
  • Hardware and OS: 9 out of 10
  • Connectivity: 10 out of 10
  • Features: 9 out of 10
  • Price: 8 out of 10
  • Price/Performance ratio: 9 out of 10
A perfect watch to have
A perfect watch to have

Price and Availability:

The watch will be available on 20th December. For more information about the product visit the NO.1 official site. The price tag of this product will be $120. For shopping sites offering this fantastic watch with the least price and huge discounts, stay tuned!

Update 1/18/2016: No.1 D5 is available now from Gearbest for $107 in two colors: black and white

Update  2/21/2016: There was an issue among our readers regarding the SIM availability of No.1 D5. We have confirmed that the watch supports SIM (nano), but you need to open the back steel cover to insert it. Here is the picture of the SIM:


Update 5/29/2016: As the fame of No.1 D5 is increasing, XDA developers are working on some custom clock faces for D5. Recently, 150+ clock faces have been added to D5. Check these clock faces here.



Started blogging at the age of 18, Roman is a techie with 3 years of blogging, SEO, and Wordpress experience, totally opposite of his health & nutrition career. He is a die-hard Xiaomi fan and an avid gamer, working hard to provide valuable information regarding Tech & Gadgets. You can contact him on this email: [email protected]

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  1. I got a price from them…it will be launched from 20th December and will have a 124 USD price tag. Not bad I guess!

  2. I just ordered the watch from Geekbuying and when I inquired about the SIM slot, they indicated that they did not find one after taking the watch apart. Furthermore, the watch comes in only two colors: Silver and black (not the gold often illustrated). I guess the truth will be known when I receive the smartwatch.

    1. Thanks for reading. When you receive the watch, please let me know whether it has a SIM slot or not. As far as the color is concerned, you’re right that it comes in two colors. However the article is written before the release of the watch, the illustrated pics are just to show the multiple clocks not the color. Tell us whether you like the watch or not.

    2. Hello,

      iam thinking about buying it too…
      did you receive your watch and can you confirm if it has a SIM slot?
      Thanks in advance

      Greetings Marc

  3. Compared to some of the other smartwatch especially I have tried, I really like the look aND feel of this one. Just wondered if anyone knows what apps function best on this, wear apps don’t work well, if at all. Any suggestions?

  4. Gearbest claims this watch has a GPS, though there’s no mention of it here. If this is the case can gpx track logs be saved? I’d be grateful if anyone knows.
    Also I read that this watch does not show notifications from your phone. 🙁

    1. I have one. I does have GPS and it does show all notifications from your phone from any app that you like. I have it connected perfectly with my LG G4.

  5. Im thinking of buying one of these.Anyone know if its ok with android 5.1.1 on a samsung galaxy s6 (new) and 4g network ?
    I bought a u18 and it doesnt work with my phone, not sure whats up because it was meant to be compatable!

    1. You can’t change the app as the antenna for the phone capability of it is built into the strap.

    1. Yes… it will connect to your S5 trought bluetooth using a app you install on the phone that let you make calls, send messages and receive notifications.

  6. Hello there,
    I own the watch and can confirm it is good value for money, very nice gadget. However, have two major difficulties. First is related to health sensors comms with smartphone applications – could not find any appication that will connect to watch, neither will any application work correctly if installed to the watch directly. Could you please suggest the app to use? The second one is related to data comms via SIM card – watch works fine as a phone, but cannot access data from mobile network (in Croatia). Thanks and best regards. Miodrag

    1. Since it has the Google Play store, you could try installing Google Fit or Samsung S-Health. both can track and log steps. Personally I prefer Google Fit on my smartphone, since my information is also accessible from web browser.

      1. Thanks for answer Vernon – have tried both (and some others too), but doesn’t seem to work. At No1 facebook page they rcommend using mediatek smartdevice apk (as a bluetooth connection software / watch helper), which alegedlly works fine with Google Fit. Unfortunately mediatek smartdevice would not work with my d5 🙁 Only watch helper apk that works is the one provided with the watch itself. That apk establishes good and reliable bluethoot link, but gives no support to any common health / activity tracker software. Still searching for apk that will work…

  7. Hello,
    Where I can buy the original watch strap with built-in antennas and what is the cost?

  8. Doesn’t work with Tmobile….just an fyi….definitely having buyers remorse. Couldnt even make calls

  9. Can someone confirm if this watch can receive notifications from the phone. That’s the only purpose of me buying this. Do not plan to install a sim card in the watch.

      1. Postovani g. Sajina,
        Ne mogu nikako naci aplikaciju tipa endomondo koja bi koristila senzore sata i radila samostalno na satu bez potrebe kontinuirane konekcije s telefonom. Isto tako, sat mi ne omogucava podatkovni promet preko SIM kartice. Kakva su vasa iskustva, imate li kakav dobar savjet? Lijepi pozdrav.

  10. Can i install whatsapp in this? Or a maximum of how many apps?

    If i buy this from Ali express or Gear Best…will i get to return this and get my money back?

    If connected to bluetooth can i send texts right through the watch using google?

    Please answer me..It will be a great help.????

    1. yes, it can install whatsapp, d5 512mb ram, so it deponds on what app you install. you can buy from gearbest.

  11. I just bought the watch. Everything is good, there’s a nano sim slot that connects to 3g but i can’t receive calls from my watch using bluetooth. Anyone facing the same issue? Any other apps to use beside watch helper? I have another watch G3 using fundo apps
    which i can make and receive calls using bluetooth.

      1. Yeah, I did that and able to receive push notification but not making bluetooth calls using watch helper app. Anyone able to make bluetooth call from G5 let me know. Thanks.

  12. Hi, i want to ask:

    I bought one at 96 dollars, product called: NO.1 D5 Android 4.4 Smart.
    after 1 day I cancled it because i saw another seller have the same model just with Upgrading:
    android 5.1 (not 4.2), Ram 1 gb (not 0.5gb), Rom 8 GB (not 4gb) and quad core 1.3Ghz .

    1. FIRST VERSION: http://www.everbuying.net/product1128292.html
    2. I THINK THAT’S NEW ONE: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331952220199?euid=9ae72eeb3ac84bb2a066ec7a93dea119&bu=44249362542&cp=1&sojTags=bu=bu

    Is somebody know if this Smart watch in this model (NO.1 D5) is exaclly one just with that’s upgrading?

    thanks 😉

  13. I receive my NO.1 D5 3 days ago and have problems with bluetooth connection with my Xiaomi MI4i.
    The connection its lost every time and dont reconnect automatically never.

    Can I make calls with bluettoh connection? I try everything but cant find this option.. just with a SIM Card.

  14. it is impossible to make/answer calls and then speak directly through the No.1 D5 (when it is connectecd and sync via bluetooh with a smartphone), can you confirm that you use the No.1 D5 as a phone (listen and talk) with no SIM, but just via bluetooth?

  15. Dear Sir, I have bought a smartwatch No1 D5 from “aliexpress” site. I have found that my smartwatch can not connect with the camera of my smartphone and additionally there is no icon of camera in my smartwatch. After stating my problem to the seller, he respond to me saying that “my smartwatch doesn’t support remote camera”. In your site, I found that D5 does support remote camera.
    Please inform me if it real supports remote camera and how it works!!!!!
    Additional can you inform me if I can change the wristband of my D5?

    Thank you in advance for your information.
    Best regards

  16. Dear Sir,
    I am still waiting for your reply, concerning my questions 18 days ago.

    Best regards

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