No.1 D5 Smartwatch: All new 100+ customized Clock faces added!

It’s been quite a long time, since the arrival of No.1 D5 Smartwatch in the market. Yet, the Chinese watch never lost its shine, its fame. Our avid readers know that what this watch is capable of. For those of you who are new to XiaomiToday, we must inform you that this very watch is the only watch till date that has it all. The selling point of No.1 D5 Smartwatch is its independent support without a phone. Hell yeah! This watch has a separate Android OS installed and supports most of the apps on its small circular screen. While, it also has all the characteristics of a sports watch such as heart rate sensor, UV index, temperature, sedentary reminder, sleep tracker and much more. In short words, this is a watch that has everything (sports watch, independent watch, and remote phone watch). It’s hard to believe that No.1 D5 Smartwatch has a stupendous price tag of $115 only.

N0.1 D5 Smartwatch – Customization of clock faces

Heading to the main theme, due to the overgrowing fame of the watch, XDA developers are taking a keen interest in No.1 D5 Smartwatch. That’s why they are adding some new features in the watch. Features such as the designing new apps and introducing 100+ clock faces and the number continue to go on. But, guess what? The developers have also enabled these clock face to be customized. There are plenty of analogs, and digital clock faces available there to install from the app store or simply from the computer. Here’s a video related to how to install and customized these faces?

There are also clock faces for special occasions like Saint Patrick day, Valentine day, New year, etc. You can just change the clock face by long holding the current clock for three secs and swipe clocks to set the one you like. At first, we thought that introducing custom clock screen and apps to a full circular screen would be difficult. This was because most of the watches in the market have a black bar at the bottom and many clock faces were there to support them but not for a full circular screen support. And we know that the black bar seems to be awkward for most of us. So, due to the advent of full circular watches, the developers created something that was looking difficult at first – clock faces and apps for a full touch circular screen.

clock face 9
Clock face 8
clock face 7
clock face 6
clock face 5
clock face 4
Clock face 3
Clock face 2
clock face 1

No doubt, with the updates in the No.1 D5 smartwatch like these, the watch has become among one of our recommended and top smartwatches. If more exciting features continue to add then probably No.1 D5 will become the first Chinese watch to be at the top.

If you are interested in buying No.1 D5, we are leaving you with the links provided below:




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