A9 No.1 Review: The Ultra-resistant telephone reborns

No.1 A9
No.1 A9

Yes, friends you heard it right! Today we are going to have a look on Smartphone Telephone. The same old telephones which were used during 20’s and starting of 21’s. We know, it feels a little bit awkward when we hear a phone name excluding “smart”. This is because smartphones are the foremost and the only option for us while choosing a phone. Thus, we have forgotten the classical and vintage phones like Nokia Snake having tiny screen, large buttons and even antenna.

If we think about the target audience for the basic traditional phone, old people comes in our mind which are unable to compete with the advanced age and have no knowledge of smartphones. Well, besides them are the vintage and classic phone lovers.

For all of them, we want to say that:

The classic and vintage telephone reborn

Today, we are going to review that type of phone. A famous manufacture called No.1 have launched a telephone known as A9. Indeed, No.1 has surprised us with some of the interesting wearable, but that’s the being friends.

Unpacking of No.1 A9
Unpacking of No.1 A9

Introducing the No.1 A9, with no apps, no touch screen, even without WiFi and oddly, perfect for the elderly.

Design & Display

A phone designed and formed after many hours of processing, having a slim body, 2.5 D screen, aluminium alloy body and bevelled frames. Well, No.1 A9 have none of this features. Instead of these, No.1 A9 has a rugged plastic body design. The No.1 A9 is aesthetically ugly, but people who are interested in a terminal of this type does not seek phone to be more or less beautiful. Durability and resistance are two factors which complies perfectly: withstanding hard knocks, extreme temperatures , water, dust … even you can use it as a hammer.

The phone is well protected, thanks to its rugged design. It has a small 2.4-inch screen with 320 x 240 pixel resolution, physical keyboard and a size of 137 x 64 x 28 mm.

It is black but also predominantly has white buttons, which by the way have a size XL, suitable for larger fingers. For those seeking more color, it is also available in black with yellow lines.

Screen display of No.1 A9
Screen display of No.1 A9

Like previously said, No.1 A9 comes with no WiFi, GPS, internet etc. The phone is only used for 2G network (making and attending calls and sending SMS). It’s a dual SIM phone (Standard SIM size) and for storage a micro-SD slot is already there.

Back (Open) view of No.1 A9
Back (Open) view of No.1 A9

Two ports are found at the side below the keypad. One of them is the 3.5 mm audio port while other is the USB port for charging. The best thing is that they are protected with a labelled cover.

Side view and Connectivity of No.1 A9
Side view and Connectivity of No.1 A9
Other features:

According to the price and No.1 A1 objective, the features are not too bad. Even if we go 10 to 15 years back, the phone absolutely would be a total hit, the most modern at that time. It has Bluetooth 2.0, FM radio, Micro-SD slot for 8GB, Dual SIM slot (2G only), 3 MP camera, flashlight, two speakers, powerful to ensure good coverage and 4,800 mAh battery.

But surely the most striking feature of the A9 is the No.1 certified IP67 shock, dust and waterproof. That might not exist in a old 10 year old phone


A ultra-resistant phone as the No.1 A9 should be required at least a good battery life. Keeping this in mind it is powered with 4,800 mAh removable battery. Thus, with no outclass CPU, GPU and RAM, this low power consumption phone surpasses the battery life of 2 weeks. This enables you to charge your phone twice a month.

Final Verdict of No.1 A9:

  • Ultra-resistant design
  • Dual Sim
  • IP67 certified
  • Long battery life

Summary: In conclusion, if you are a old, vintage, classic phone lover or are categorized in specific audience (elder people). If you work in harsh environment and want a ultra-resistance phone, then we recommend you No.1 A9. You can buy this from the link below:

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