[Coupon] Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Mini Self Balance Scooter For Just $489.72

Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Mini Self Balance Scooter makes hoverboards accessible to adults and ensures driving pleasure is at the top. Thanks to the innovative Leansteer® and over 200 micro adjustments per second, this Ninebot City Segway keeps you in balance and on the stand, regardless of your level.

Related imageBuy Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Mini Self Balance Scooter For Just $489.72


The materials are all chosen because of their lightweight properties and at the same time for their structural strength and durability. The materials include magnesium, titanium, carbon, and aluminum.

This Ninebot City Segway Mini Pro Scooter is controlled using the center pin. It is influenced by the hoverboard’s comfortable knee pads that follow the contour on the inside of your knees. By simply leaning in the direction you want to drive, Ninebot MiniPro responds promptly. The knee tip is height adjustable, which allows it to be customized to the individual user. Ninebot MiniPro is designed for adults and is therefore not suitable for children.


Ninebot MiniPro comes with an app for smartphones (for both Android and IOS), which lets you control many different features such as light color, battery status, and even a remote control feature. It also helps you get started with activating your MiniPro and guides you to get started. The remote control allows you to take control of the MiniPro without you standing on it. The app also has an alarm feature. Turn on the alarm in the app and your Segboard will expel a sound and vibrate if someone tries to take it.

Incorporated in Ninebot MiniPro, there are 15 different security features. From anti-theft protection and fall protection to electronic monitoring and software updates – all in order to make you feel safe when driving on your Ninebot MiniPro By Segway. Day or night, the mini pro maintains superior visibility. Automatic headlights and taillights light your way and make you visible to others.

Where To Buy

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Related imageBuy Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Mini Self Balance Scooter For Just $489.72


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