[Coupon] Ninebot MAX G30 Smart Electric Scooter For just $578.96

A very special scooter that the Segway Ninebot announced, is certainly one of the most versatile in the world, this Ninebot Max G30 presented recently by the company.

Coupon Code: dhgate3004

Related imageBuy Ninebot MAX G30 Smart Electric Scooter For Just $578.96


As you look at the first pictures, you immediately notice that the Ninebot MAX G30 D is particularly robust and stable. But the most amazing thing about this E scooter is its enormous range of up to 65 kilometers-no other model in this class can match it (battery capacity 551 Wh). Thanks to an integrated fast-charging power supply, the charging process should still be at most 6 hours.

The parameters of the Ninebot MAX G30 sound very good, but there is a disadvantage – and quite a heavyweight of 18 kilograms (probably due to the robust processing and the strong battery). As a classic last-mile vehicle, which one sometimes takes in public transport, this model is therefore not quite suitable. It’s IPX5 water-resistant, rocks an integrated bell and a full-color dash display has unfolded dimensions of 1,167 x 472 x 1,203 mm (45.9 x 18.5 x 47.3 in), and folds down to 534 mm (21 in). A companion app allows riders to lock the Max G30, manage speed and cruise control, and check the health of the vehicle.


The 350W of power provides the Ninebot Max G30 with sustainable propulsion on all kinds of road conditions. Therefore, the Ninebot MAX G30 can climb slopes up to approximately 20% while the rear-wheel-drive offers a better solution to acceleration, stability, and braking.

To reduce vibration and maximize shock absorption, the model includes newly developed tubeless pneumatic tires with a 10-inch diameter (front and rear wheels) to make your ride smoother and more stable, even on rough surfaces. The risk of punctures has been reduced with a newly developed special protective coating inside the tires.

Within a rapidly growing market, many e-scooters face the challenge of offering limited mileage and battery life on a single charge. This scooter comes with a battery capacity of 551 Wh offering a maximum range of up to approximately 65km. which is currently the longest range. This scooter can comes equipped with a built-in fast charging A/C power adapter for the ultimate convenience.

Where To Shop

Ninebot Max G30 Electric Scooter is now available on For Just at $589.99 using a Coupon Code: dhgate3004. Click the following for order now:

Coupon Code: dhgate3004

Related imageBuy Ninebot MAX G30 Smart Electric Scooter For Just $578.96



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