Xiaomi Brainwave Eye Mask Sleeping Assistant goes on sale for $ 36

The definitive and necessary gadget for our sleep

Xiaomi The Chinese giant, has been characterized by its extreme versatility in the launch of various products, such as the Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Mask, in this opportunity Xiaomi has released the Xiaomi Brainwave Eye Mask Sleeping Assistant a new sleeping assistant that is capable of Capture your brain waves and synthesize music in real time to help you sleep.

Xiaomi Brainwave Eye Mask Sleeping Assistant:

The forehead region of the Xiaomi Brainwave Eye Mask Sleeping Assistant comes with three electrodes that capture the brain wave data in real time and combining an artificial intelligence algorithm to adjust the parameters of the model according to the state of the brain wave, thus obtaining music in real time. The music gradually induces the brain frequency to enter the band, which causes the brain to relax gradually falling asleep and plunging deeper into the dream.

Xiaomi Brainwave Eye Mask

In the morning, brain waves combined with the easy app will naturally start the music and choose the right time to wake up, allowing people to sleep well and wake up naturally.

Xiaomi Brainwave Eye Mask

The Xiaomi Brainwave Eye Mask Sleeping Assistant is made of imitation linen fabric. The side of the face is a sponge with high elasticity. It maintains good ventilation and comfort and can be used throughout the year. This device uses a lightweight design, weighs only 50g, and offers holes for cat eyes at 99% darkness. It is also removable and washable.

Productos Xiaomi

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