Xiaomi includes two new Yunmai sports products in its catalog

Xiaomi has never been afraid to enter a new market, and the sports section is no exception for them, from smart bands to electric bicycles the company continues to create products to adapt to today’s lifestyle, so they decided to implement two new products to do exercises under the Yunmai brand in its extensive catalog. The firm has become one of the most popular Chinese companies in the market and this is due to the great performance it has been having in recent years, always innovating and offering the best service to the public.

These two new products arrive under their Yunmai sub-brand, products that without a doubt, more than one sports lover will be waiting to buy it. With nothing more to add, we introduce you to the new members of the Xiaomi family.

Yunmai EVA foam blocks

Yunmai EVA Foam block - Use

The Yunmai EVA foam blocks are part of the two new Xiaomi’s products, they are a pair of blocks made of high strength rubber to provide the ideal support, either to rest the head, back or hips.

These are mostly used in Yoga practices, it is an essential accessory to support the body. In this way, we look for the most appropriate way to deepen and feel the alignment of our body.

Yunmai EVA Foam block - Exersices

The block is extremely useful for those users who are starting this practice and in turn, is vital for those who suffer some type of physical limitation or have suffered some kind of injury.

But these foam blocks are not only used for the yoga practices since you can use them simply for ergonomic support when performing physical exercises with which you can train more efficiently and comfortably.

Yunmai EVA Foam block - Colors

These blocks are sold in pairs, in three colors: green, navy blue and gray. It is estimated that they are sold at a price of €4 approximately.

Yunmai elastic band

The second product to do exercises is an elastic band, which is an excellent option to improve resistance little by little, especially to avoid any injury when training with new movements.

Yunmai elastic band

These bands are for calisthenics and other training routines. It can also be used for pre-heating the body or at the time of muscle stretching. It has many features such as improving balance, strength, agility, control and toning our body. They are usually made of elastic rubber, and some of these bands have more flexibility than others.

Yunmai elastic band - Use

The Yunmai elastic band can be the best ally to complement and help the beginners of calisthenics. It is economical, efficient and beneficial for any user since its use is extremely simple.

Yunmai elastic band - Easy to use

It is available in various colors such as orange, green and blue. Also, it is coming in two different models, one of 15 pounds and the other of 25 pounds of torque, both at a price of €2. This band is now part of the two new products of the extensive and fairly comprehensive catalog of Xiaomi.

Source: Xiaomi4mi


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