New Yeelight Voice Assistant – The combination of Microsoft and Xiaomi AI for only $43

Xiaomi always has technological surprises ready to dazzle us. Last year they committed to improving in the field of the recent AI’s that are implemented in the world to enhance our lives. In fact, at the end of 2017, Microsoft Xiao Bing (an artificial intelligence specially designed for the Chinese market) announced that they would work together with Xiaomi’s ecological chain, which led to the crowdfunding of the Yeelight Voice Assistant. Today it is finally official, and can already be purchased from the website at only 269 Yuan (approximately $43)

The new Yeelight Voice Assistant is a dual system of AI’s where two colleagues at work live: one is Microsoft’s AI better known as Xiao Bing, and the other one is Xiaomi’s. These can be exchanged at any time.

New features of the Yeelight Voice Assistant

The new ecosystem of Xiaomi presented in the Yeelight Voice Assistant will allow everyone to solve everyday problems of daily life. Thanks to the company’s AI, controlling other small devices in the Xiaomi’s ecological chain will be an easy task, being able to turn on or off the Yeelight intelligent lights, control the air purifiers, call to the action the cleaning robots to mop the floor, among many other things of the intelligent ecosystem.

Yeelight Voice Assistant Dual AI

On the other hand, the artificial intelligence provided by Microsoft, the Xiao Bing, will serve to control multiple intelligent devices in the home not limited to those of Xiaomi. It can also make casual conversations and tell occasional jokes for the whole family.

The new voice assistant is not just software. Its hardware has also been equipped with the latest technology. The Yeelight Voice Assistant is fitted with an advanced voice reception algorithm of up to 5 meters and a wake-up function. It has support for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz dual-band Wi-Fi networks and has integrated Bluetooth that will help you access the intelligent platform of Mijia.



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