Xiaomi launches a new ZMI Aura powerbank to the market

Xiaomi is a brand known for being the home of many products, both smartphones to household items, and even clothing. However, some of the most interesting and known devices of this company are the powerbanks, and they have several of these gadgets on sale, being always very popular. The intention of these objects is to prevent the phones from being discharged or running out of battery since they can easily be carried anywhere. As the charging technologies are updated at the same pace as other products, it was only a matter of time before Xiaomi released a new powerbank, and finally, the ZMI Aura was launched.

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Information about the Xiaomi ZMI Aura

This is a new model of 20000mAh bidirectional fast charge, which will be available for purchase in China from November 5 at a price of 199 yuan, which is approximately $29. It will be available in the official Xiaomi Store and also at the ZMI Tmall store. One of the main improvements that the ZMI Aura has in comparison to the previous powerbanks is the load power since it has 27W instead of 18W and in turn, it is compatible with fast two-way charging. It also has a great improvement in charging efficiency.

Xiaomi ZMI Aura

In another order of ideas, its design is built from a plastic cover PC + ABS, so it is a device made with a material that respects the environment; the surface was treated by means of a matte process to give it resistance. Other interesting features are that it has a power LED indicator which is excellently combined with the surface of the device. It has two output ports which are where you can connect and charge two devices at the same time, and for the load supports both micro-USB and USB Type-C, so we can recharge any device we have.


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