Xiaomi has released a new smart speaker called Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker HD

Xiaomi has been characterized throughout its history as a company that is able to launch to the market all kinds of products, from smartphones to devices for the home, through clothing and even speakers. Speaking of the latter, on the official website of the company, they made a publication in which they reveal very interesting information, and is that they are preparing for the launch of a new smart speaker that can be controlled by Xiaoai assistant. We are talking about the new Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker HD, which bears a reasonable resemblance to Apple’s HomePod.

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What does the Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker HD offer?

This device has dimensions of 150x150x234mm and will be available in dark gray and light gray colors. In its upper part, we can find four buttons that offer several options which are: activate the microphone, increase and lower the volume and the Play and pause button. Around all these buttons are a total of 6 independent microphones which are used to capture as much sound as possible so that the quality of reception is guaranteed.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker HD Design

According to the data provided by the official website of the company, this device will have a total of 4 independent speakers and will have a subwoofer that will have a total diameter of 104mm. In addition to this, this device supports different intelligent connections as its AI functions. It is also said that the Xiaomi Xaioai Speaker HD will be compatible with Bluetooth 4.1, in addition to having support for Wi-Fi of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. According to the website, this device will have a total price of 599 yuan (77 euros) and its sale date has not yet been announced, of course, this gadget is compatible with the Chinese language for AI options and voice commands.


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