Xiaomi presents us the new Turok Steinhardt Driving Glass lenses for passionate drivers

A survey conducted by optometrists about the different consumers found in Germany and the United States showed that around 83% of the users of glasses have similar habits of driving. Of these figures, 72% even expect to have a pair of driving glasses. Thanks to these results, and to provide a solution to this growing demand, the great Xiaomi made the decision to launch the Turok Steinhardt Driving Glass lenses under its crowdfunding platform, Youpin.

These lenses are specially made for driving, but it does seem like a fashion item, because it combines the design of the lens and the coating of to provide assistance to the driver in places with little visibility.

Xiaomi presents us the Turok Steinhardt Driving Glass lenses for passionate drivers

What are the characteristics of the Turok Steinhardt Driving Glass?

In order to increase the comfort of the user, the TS impeller glass used in the Turok Steinhardt Driving Glass lenses is specially designed with new technological features, such as adjustable nose pads and adjustable temples. In addition, Turok Steinhardt pupil sensitization equilibrium technology is incorporated into these to balance or compensate for a certain degree of pupil dilation at night, which can cause a defect in the perception of depth and problems to achieve a clear vision of the frontal scene.

Things like the headlights in cars, the different street lights and the glare of water surfaces can threaten drivers’ safe driving due to the different types of brightness they have. However, TS impeller glass comes with a perforated cubic aurora film that can reduce glare by up to 64%, which considerably improves driving when road conditions, weather and lighting are poor.

What are the characteristics of the Turok Steinhardt Driving Glass by Xiaomi?

In addition, the TS driving progressive film of the Turok Steinhardt Driving Glasses is able to increase the maximum vision range by 43% compared to other similar progressive films, and the long-distance viewing area can increase up to a 14%, which greatly facilitates the user to capture the greatest amount of information that is around the roads where you go.

And what is the price of this new Xiaomi product?

In case you are interested in knowing where these lenses can be found, the Turok Steinhardt Driving Glass, although they are not yet available in physical stores outside of China, they are available on the Xiaomi Youpin page with a low price: only 199 yuan (which at the current exchange rate would be around $29).

And what is the price of this new Xiaomi product?

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