MIFit Application data Reveals a New Xiaomi Smartwatch called Amazfit Beats

The Amazfit and MI Band product line has also become a sales success for Xiaomi almost as much as in the smartphone sector. It would not be strange that this year we can see new releases of both lines and with new improvements to meet the needs of consumers. This is why we continue sharing with you revealed information about 2 new products related to smartwatches, first the next MI Band 3 and now we could also expect a possible Amazfit Beats.

MIFit Application data Reveals a New Xiaomi Smartwatch called Amazfit BeatsAs with Mi Band 3, the information has been leaked through the AndroidTR site by a collaborator of the MiFit application to Spanish; which in other opportunities has contributed data on the launching of other devices of Xiaomi. The name for this new utility of Xiaomi, is related to information of an update of a software that analyzes the pulsations “Beats” to the user. In MI Band a similar software data is sent to the wristband, but the “Beats” could be more accurate.

MIFit Application data Reveals a New Xiaomi Smartwatch called Amazfit Beats

For that fact, this new update has allowed us to assume that it is not just an update, but is linked to the launch of a new device called “Beats” in the product line Amazfit. This name could only be provisional because in the rest of the devices we have seen how there was no reference between the code name and the launch name.

If it is true this next launch, Xiaomi Amazfit Beats with GPS, would be a hardware with few complexities in its management but durable with a reduced cost, making it accessible to a wide spectrum of buyers.

Many of the devices developed by Xiaomi, for example, MI Band, positions it among the leading utility development and marketing firms; as we can see the evolution of its applications and improvements, in the case of MI Band that has change since a basic steps and dream recorder, to register pulsations and have a screen.

It is expected the improved functions, found in other previous devices of the company. With references like “distance remind”. A heart rate sensor and incoming call notification on our phone. Also support for Alipay, a payment system for mobile devices. The appearance would rather continue in line with the latest Xiaomi devices, wearing a conventional watch form with a touchscreen.

Most likely Xiaomi will incorporate GPS into their devices and this new Amazfit Beats would not be an exception as we have been able to confirm in several sections of the code that it also has GPS.

What is not clear is if only its launch is expected or it is just information of a prototype. But we bet on its launch in the not too distant future.It remains for the company to decide and clear all doubts about the almost imminent launch of this device, something that is expected soon, considering the presence of this new software in version of the MiFit app.

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