Finally is here – The new Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier offers a healthier air

Two days ago the sub-brand of Xiaomi, Smartmi, published an image that was discussed. This picture presented three boxes with symbols that proposed a track of what would be Smartmi’s new products that specialized in the home. In the second box, we can see the product we will be talking about today: The Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier.

The new humidifier proposed by Xiaomi through the sub-brand Smartmi exploits the principle of evaporation to moisten the environment in which it is placed with a humidification efficiency of 240 ml / h. It is to be assumed that there is no need to worry about the fog effect since the Smartmi humidifier incorporates 36 evaporation vanes that work in symbiosis with the water rotation roller, which can form an area that narrowly reaches 2 meters of an ultrafine layer of water. This maintains the proper level of humidity in the air, mitigating the respiratory tract of the people who are there.

Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier sample

The Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier: How is humidification achieved?

The operation is given by the ultrasonic emitter that produces the steam nebulizing the water. It is recommended the use of an osmotic type that does not create annoying remains of white powder derived from the materials present in the water.

The internal tank allows a capacity of up to 4 liters of water, which can be recharged directly from the primary network. Of course, the safety locks and the position sensor will automatically interrupt the ongoing humidification process so as not to damage the hand (for example, of a child) that could inadvertently end up inside the cross-flow fan. The cross-flow fans are activated by a brushless DC motor to give a low noise level of 34.3 dB and low power consumption up to 8 W.

Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier

Besides, it has an app

Supports a Smartphones app that allows to control the operation of the Smartmi humidifier, through which we could also analyze the temperature and humidity data collected from internal humidifier sensors that calculate the existence of the process, and in turn have the level of residual water at a glance. The new Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier with a capacity of 4 liters, is sold at a price of 499 yuan (about $79).


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