Intelligent heating with the new Xiaomi Smartmi convector heater

After the news of the Smartmi humidifier, which is a device responsible for purifying the air found in the home, Xiaomi presents its new device related to intelligent heating in the home. Two days ago, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, Smartmi, published an image that was analyzed by us. This image contains three pictures with symbols that propose a track of the new Smartmi devices that specialize in the home. In the first box, we can see the product that we will talk about today: the Xiaomi Smartmi convector heater 

Xiaomi Smartmi convector heater sample

The convector proposed by Smartmi uses a classic heating device that avoids heat losses through the convective thermal transfer of air, which, once heated, seeks an outlet through the ventilation duct, while the pressure of the cold air flow decreases.

Two heating modes for all tastes

With the possibility of changing from one function to another without having to turn off the convector heater. Specifically, the 1000W mode means that the heat generated works to keep the heat present inside the room, while the high power mode of 2000W heats efficiently by establishing different styles of environment.

Xiaomi Smartmi convector heater

Xiaomi Smartmi convector heater: Is it safe?

The Xiaomi Smartmi convector heater is integrated with a safety system that allows automatic shutdown when high temperatures are reached. We mean those temperatures that could cause a fire, but also when the wheel inside the device exceeds the 45-degree tilt.

No other information has been filtered and, therefore, the uncertainty remains about the presence of functions that can be managed through an application. In any case, the Xiaomi Smartmi convector heater has a depth of 200mm and a height of 455mm. It has a white color that can be integrated with all Mi Home devices, for a house made by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Smartmi convector heater price is 269 yuan (about $42.73 ), and from February 7 it will be available for purchase, but only in the company’s e-commerce platform.

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