The new Xiaomi Mini Neck Massager has been launched!

Xiaomi has stood out all over the world for the incredible quality of its technology products, from Smartphones to devices made for the home, since it has been a company that has always shown interest in the welfare of its fans, for this reason, they have launched the new Xiaomi Mini Neck Massager, a massager of enormous quality and very low price. This is a very complete product, because although it was designed specifically for the neck, it can also be used for other parts of the body that have the same type of curvature.

Many times it happens that a person is exhausted or begins to feel muscular pains after spending a lot of time sitting in the same position or manipulating the phone without moving, and this usually generates problems of neck and shoulders with harmful results over time. With that in mind, the Chinese giant through its ecological chain called iHealth has launched this new neck massager that ensures relaxation of tense muscles in just 15 minutes and reduces the risk of further damage with the passage of age. This product has a total price of 269 Yuan ($40) and it should be noted that it is a third-party product, that is, it is sent by Tianjin Jiu’an Medical Electronics Co., Ltd, which offers after-sales services.

The new Xiaomi Mini Neck Massager has been launched!

Features of the Xiaomi Mini Neck Massager

The Xiaomi Mini Neck Massager has 4 built-in spherical massage contacts that are applied to the skin and rotate. The massage dial has a diameter of 15mm. It can generate a constant force due to contact with the skin and light thumb. In the same way that similar products do, you can adjust the rhythm of the third gear. It can be adjusted with a single button and has compatibility for bidirectional kneading.

It is equipped with a pure copper motor that has a speed of 5,800 rpm, has two built-in addresses and can be changed at will. The natural angle of the massager is 120 °, which can adapt perfectly to the curved shapes of the neck thanks to its flexible design, as well as other parts of the body with similar shapes.

Features of the Xiaomi Mini Neck Massager

Currently, this product can only be obtained in Xiaomi Youpin, which only makes shipments within China.


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