Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse to the Chinese market with a price of $39

After launching the Xiaomi Blasoul Professional Gaming Mouse, Xiaomi, the big company from China we love so much, made the decision to launch a new mouse, which continues to reach the high expectations of video game enthusiasts. This new mouse, which is called Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse, is aimed at game lovers and was released at a price of 249 Yuan, which at the current exchange rate would be about $39.

The Chinese company says that the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse has a design of micro-movement and ergonomics, which is specially made to support fast-paced actions, such as fast aiming, pressing and maintaining, among other actions that are of great importance during a game. On top of that, it also comes with an adjustable DPI that can help players aim and shoot more accurately during games.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse

Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse

This new mouse launched by Xiaomi comes equipped with a professional 7200 dpi optical game sensor, which is capable of giving the user five adjustable speeds. With respect to the gameplay, you can find two buttons located at the top: one can be used to increase speed while the other decreases speed. Finally, there is also an LED indicator that shows the speed of DPI in real time.

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse is powered by a 32-bit ARM processor that can be programmed with four speeds of 125/250/500/1000 through software. In addition, this new Xiaomi product supports an acceleration of 30G, tracking speed of 150IPS and provides better accuracy, tracking speed and overall operational consistency.

Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse

Different ways of using this smart mouse

Knowing the problems that some players have, the big Chinese company made the decision to launch the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse with two modes of use: it can be used with traditional cables or with wireless connections. Xiaomi suggests that wired mode is ideal for games, to achieve better connectivity and stability when playing, while the wireless mode will be able to be used in the usual work, related to home or office.

This mouse also comes with RGB lights, which will allow users to choose between four different lighting modes for scroll and backlighting. Last but not least, the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse is compatible with both Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Apple’s macOS.

Different ways of using the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse

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