Renovated version: New Xiaomi hot water dispenser

For several years Xiaomi has been dedicated to launching products dedicated to the home. Above all, there is a complete repertoire of intelligent articles for the kitchen that facilitate the daily tasks of preparing meals or drinks. This time we present a renewed device, the Xiaomi hot water dispenser that has seen the light in its Crowdfunding platform. Previously, the company had launched several of these dispensers, each from a different sub-brand. An example of this is the one that was launched by Viomi like over 9 months ago.

New Xiaomi hot water dispenser

Features about the new Xiaomi hot water dispenser

The company says that the new device will be more efficient than any other device of this type that has been launched on the market. It comes equipped with a rotating wheel that will allow us to make the selection of the water temperature. As its name indicates, it does not dispense cold water, only hot. Therefore, this is an excellent assistant for lovers of instant coffee, tea or infusions.

New Xiaomi hot water dispenser

The subsidiary brand on this occasion is called SCISHARE, which is a little unknown but has high-quality products nonetheless. Returning to the topic of temperature, the water can be regulated thanks to the rotating mechanism in 5 levels: 55°C, 70°C, 85°C, 95°C and 100°C. Also, it is estimated that, regardless of the temperature chosen, the water will heat up in only 3sec. The dispenser has size dimensions of 280 mm (H) x 238 mm (L) x 136 mm (W), so it has a sufficient height to place thermos and glasses.

New Xiaomi hot water dispenser

The rear part of the hot water dispenser is made up of a water tank that can contain up to 1.8L. For now, we do not have more details about it, but surely we will expand the information in another opportunity. What we can tell you is that the price currently in China is approximately $46 or €40.

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