The new video game keyboard manufactured by Xiaomi has appeared on the market

Xiaomi is a company that has achieved a very good position in the current technology market, not only for the manufacture of smartphones but also for their technological gadgets for the most experienced gamers like keyboards and computer mice. With the intention of keeping that market afloat, the brand has decided to create a new gamer keyboard, very different from its old versions. This product is made with very good quality materials, with the best possible finishes and, although the product itself has a low price, acquiring it right now will be a bit more complicated.

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Specifications of the new Xiaomi keyboard

To give us a more complete idea of how this new gadget is made, we must start by saying that it is made of a 5052 Korean aluminum alloy, it has also has been treated by a sandblasting process and the pieces are laser engraved. It should be noted that the keys are manufactured with PBT + PC, a combination of plastics that will guarantee a longer usage time.

Xiaomi Keyboard Built

Adding to all this on the inside is a SONIX ARM chip that offers the user a series of key configurations. To be clear, we must know that the keyboard is mechanical and has a 3mm path and 104 keys, it was manufactured by TTC and absolutely all of them are configurable. The keyboard does not include a directly connected cable, but it must be inserted into its USB Type C port and then connected to the PC through a common USB port.

At the moment, only available in China

As previously mentioned, this device is at an extremely low price of €30 (approximately $34.40). However, at present, it is only available for the Chinese market, so if you want to buy it right now, you must import it, doubling its price. For now, we can just wait and see if this new keyboard reaches foreign markets.

Xiaomi Keyboard - Design

This is a new Xiaomi product with the intention of expanding more in a market that is extremely complex and very broad, such as the video game market and everything related to the “Gamers“. They know perfectly well that many of their clients are great fans of this world, which is why they want to enter this specialized line of the market since their influence in the technology world is growing exponentially every day.

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