A new Xiaomi car air freshener arrives

Xiaomi has the passage of time that is a company capable of manufacturing anything, as long as that anything comes with state-of-the-art devices, this company has several platforms in which it offers its products to the public, now in its platform Youpin has emerged a new air freshener of cars that can be mounted on the car’s vent. It must be remembered that all the products offered in this platform are manufactured by external companies that belong to the Xiaomi ecosystem.

This product is manufactured by one of the companies that are part of the Xiaomi ecological chain called Shanghai Shuo Mi Technology Co., Ltd. This company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of cases for Smartphones and data cables. On this occasion, they decided to launch a different product, focused on aromatherapy, which expanded throughout the vehicle through the air conditioning of the car, obtaining its fragrance from the plant from which it is made.

A new Xiaomi car air freshener arrives

Features of the new Xiaomi air freshener

This device is completely safe for everyone, including pregnant women and babies. To better understand, a safe botanical extract and a proportion of solid aroma bars can be used. With regard to its additives, non-alcoholic children, completely natural, safe and healthy. There is even the possibility of controlling the concentration of the fragrance.

The device has a small barrel shape and has a hook with which it connects to the automobile vent in a horizontal alignment. The barrel has a switch on the front with which you can control the fragrance. With respect to its design, the device is made of aluminum with a finish of less than 9 cm in length. It also has a switch on the front that not only controls the level of the fragrance, but can also be used to open and close the fragrance sharer.

Features of the new Xiaomi air freshener

It has an internal core of aromatherapy that is removable and has 3 fragrances to choose from, the main ones are: lemon, orange and olive. This product costs a total of 59 Yuan ($ 8) and comes in black and silver colors.


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