New leaks reveal the price and some features of the upcoming Huami Amazfit device with NFC

In case you are not aware, Huami announced that it has partnered with Territory Studio for the next Amazfit smartwatch, and since Territory Studio has experience in motion design, visual effects and digital experiences, both companies could have collaborated to make one of the best smartwatches that could be launched this year.

Huami, the Xiaomi-based company that was recently included in the list of the New York Stock Exchange, is ready to launch a new smartwatch under its Amazfit line. The company has scheduled a launch event in China on September 17, so it is expected that we already know a detail or two.

The next Huami Amazfit device will present NFC, and will be launched on September 17

The next Huami Amazfit device will feature NFC

Although not much is known about this upcoming smart device, Huang Wang, who is the founder and CEO of Huami Technology, has suggested that the next Amazfit portable device will come with NFC support. He also said that the company is serious about NFC technology, and will continue to work on it.

The poster of the launch event for this product was previously published on the company’s official Weibo website, along with a text indicating that the event is related to the company’s third anniversary and, to make the wait more exciting, Huami has created a website with a countdown to the start of the launch event.

The next Huami Amazfit device will present NFC

Leaks showing this new device

A couple of days ago, the retail box, as well as price information and a sketch of the next Amazfit smartwatch were leaked online. The box image shows a completely white package with the logo of the company located at the top along with the name of Amazfit X registered, which increases the possibility that the device bears that name.

On the other hand, the filtered sketch suggests a round sphere without buttons on both sides, and as you can see, a microphone icon in the sketch implies that the watch will come with a built-in microphone and a speaker with support for a voice assistant.

Leaks showing this new Huami device

What has been said about its sale price?

Regarding its price, a previous filtration suggests that this Huami smartwatch could have a price tag of 1,599 yuan, which would be about $232. With such a price, which is usually found in Premium devices, it is expected to be a high-end product, although there is still no confirmation.

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