New Dr. Bei’s children’s toothbrushes already available in the Xiaomi’s website

Thanks to the number of products that Xiaomi sells, it is common that occasionally one or the other is not reviewed. Products such as toothbrushes, although many do not know, Xiaomi produce these and have time without giving us news of this line. Precisely, this time we will talk about the new line of Dr. Bei’s children’s toothbrushes, which are available in the virtual store of Xiaomi since March 14 at a price of only 19.9 Yuan (approximately $3.14).

The development of Dr. Bei’s children’s toothbrushes

According to the official site, the new toothbrushes are born from a collaboration between Dr. B and the Toray brand, who developed antibacterial bristles of special silver ions for children, which in turn are soft and comfortable. They also underwent strict quality control by Dr. Bei himself during the production process in Japan.

Each of the custom antibacterial silver ion bristles has been constructed using specially imported materials for contact with food. In this way, they are approved by the international authorities of the US FDA and the Japanese FDA.

Dr. Bei's children's toothbrushes poster

The process of fixing the bristles has been improved, and this time they have a high-quality finish with nickel and silver. This is a breakthrough compared to the traditional fixation process that implements copper and iron sheets since nickel and silver have better anticorrosive and antibacterial properties.

The new line of Dr. Bei’s children’s toothbrushes did improve not only the quality of construction of the bristles but also presents a new reformed handle. Dr. Bei has created a custom design specially designed for children, where the head of the brush can be flexed by up to 180 degrees to avoid bruising the child’s mouth by the use of an accidental force.

As mentioned previously, the new brushes are available for purchase from March 14 on the official website of Xiaomi for less than $4. They come in two presentations: pink or blue, but it is an aesthetic question, both have the same characteristics.



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