Mail Reveals A New Division Of Cameras In Xiaomi

The company is working on its debilities to offer better products.

Xiaomi is a brand of smartphones well-known for providing the best specifications and features at an affordable cost to their buyers. Although in terms of cameras and photographic quality has not received many compliments. But they always stand out in software and hardware. Consequently, Xioami has brought us the Mi Note 3 and the Mi MIX 2S that provide an experience in photography for AI and managing to position well in the DxOMark reference points. What shows us that Xiaomi is continually striving to design phones that have a higher photographic quality.

It is clear that mobile phones have gone from being a tool for communication between users to an intelligent device for capturing photographs. More and more people are using smartphones for this type of function. And, China’s smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo, have seen the need to manufacture and market high-end equipment with impressive cameras.

Lei Jun internal email filtered

In this regard, a leaked internal email from the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, was recently published online. For this, we can know that the company is working and planning the creation of a new department within their company dedicated precisely to the improvement of the cameras to provide their users with a better photographic experience. The main objective of this department is to design smartphones with stellar cameras.Mail Reveals A New Division Of Cameras In Xiaomi

After the email’s publication, Lei Jun offered statements. The CEO of Xiaomi says that, as we already said, photography has become a key point for many smartphone users. Therefore, the company has decided to establish a unit camera department within the mobile phone division. Jun explains that by having this new division, this will point to the design of new phones with excellent cameras. That will not have anything to envy to the leading smart equipment manufacturers in the world.

Scores of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and Mi MIX 2S in DxOMark

So in DxOMark, the Mi Note 3 has reached a score of 94 for the photograph, and the Mi MIX 2S has had 101. Which corroborates that Xiaomi aims to provide its users with a better photo experience on future phones. Currently, smartphones designed by the Huawei company and Apple lead the first DxOMark benchmarks.

Camera Scores of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and Mi MIX 2S in DxOMark

Among the leaked information, it has also been revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 7 comes with 16 megapixel dual rear cameras and a 13-megapixel selfie camera. In addition, also revealed that the front camera of the Mi 7 will have support for easy recognition in 3D. A complex facial recognition system called “3D Structured Light“.  This will be very similar to the famous Face ID of Apple, although hopefully without the problems of this.

Xiaomi Mi 7 3D Structured Light

We already know that we are going to see the Xiaomi Mi 7 and Mi 8 presentation in the 8th Anniversary Edition later this month. We will be able to make the order in advance in May 27 of this year. So, we will be looking forward to the work done by the new camera division in the upcoming Xiaomi models.



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