New basketball shoes presented by Xiaomi and Hyber

Basketball fans usually see their needs for new products satisfied with brands such as Nike or Adidas, with the NBA being the epicenter of the consumption of products for fans of this sport, now, Xiaomi and Hyber bring new basketball shoes to life.

The new basketball shoes represent a new bet in the sports market by Xiaomi, which may have to do with its pretensions to access the US market this coming year.

It is the perfect time for this announcement, because the NBA season is approaching in North America, and in Asia, shows like the friendly basketball between North Korea and South Korea during the last days for the first time in more than 15 Years have generated excitement in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, this being an opportune moment to announce a product for sports fans.

On the other hand, Hyber, founded by Douglas Heidergren and Markus Hjelm, offers more comfortable and environmentally friendly options in the sector of children’s clothing, recycling and reusing are part of the philosophy of this brand, which also donates the worn clothes to various charities around the world.

New basketball shoes, different styles, and superior quality

New basketball shoes

The new basketball shoes are made of TPU and EVA rubber with 3 different styles in different sizes, is a practical, functional and esthetically striking product for fans of basketball worldwide.

It is expected that the new shoes for basketball of Xiaomi with Hyber have a price of $45 approximately, being 38 euros to the change for the European public.

Source: Xiaomi4mi

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