Black Shark announced new accessories for the Xiaomi Black Shark

Xiaomi and Black Shark have big plans for the next ChinaJoy.

This year, Xiaomi and the company Black Shark joined their resources to bring us a new special phone for video games. Considered as one of the most difficult Xiaomi products to acquire in physical stores due to its constant depletion. However, that only motivates the company to continue working on this product. Just like now, they take advantage of the next edition of ChinaJoy to announce two new mysterious products that could be accessories for the Xiaomi Black Shark.

ChinaJoy is the largest exhibition for video games and digital entertainment in Asia. As every year, it will be held in Shanghai and many manufacturers are expected to attend. Among them, Xiaomi and Black Shark will be present to show new products.

Gamepad with JoyStick of the Xiaomi Black Shark

Two new accessories for the Xiaomi Black Shark

In fact, recently, Black Shark revealed a teaser poster to anticipate what will be seen at the fair this 3 to 6 August. The image shows a Jedi carrying a green lightsaber with the word “1MORE” written on it. And with that clue, Black Shark could suggest that it would be collaborating with the 1More brand, headset manufacturer of Xiaomi.

Poster teaser reveals two new accessories for the Xiaomi Black Shark

Although it was easily intuited that the first of the products will be something related to headphones, there are no tracks on the second. But it begins to speculate that it will be a specific accessory for the e-sports experience in the Black Shark. In addition, Mi Fans are hoping for a game tournament organized by Black Shark with some gifts for its participants.

Design of the Xiaomi Black Shark

Why is Xiaomi Black Shark the gaming phone feeling sales?

This phone surpassed one million orders only in its official presale and in each new distribution they sell out quickly. Something that AnTuTu could justify since it gave a score of 268,994, as the Android device with better performance. And if you do not know him, surely you’ll ask yourself “why?

It is a somewhat robust design phone that surprises with its lightness, with metal and polycarbonate finishes in black and gray presentations, with green details. The Black Shark offers a 5.99-inch screen in 18: 9 format and FullHD resolution with visual enhancements. Since inside it has an image processing chip with technology to improve the quality of games and videos. All with the power of a Snapdragon 845 with 6 or 8GB of RAM, depending on the version.

Cooling system of the Xiaomi Black Shark

However, what is really interesting about this Smartphone is its gaming features. Like the liquid cooling system that allows cooling the CPU up to 8 degrees. In this way, the processor can offer its highest performance, even in intensive use. Also, it has a special microphone for multiplayer games with improvements in external noise cancellation and, although it is lightweight, it has a 4000 mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

Black Shark incorporates a double HiFi front speaker and an X-shaped rear antenna that manages to keep the connections in all positions. In addition, in its first update received the acclaimed facial recognition feature. But really the accessory that stands out among its competitors is a Gamepad with JoyStick that you can buy separately.

Design of the Xiaomi Black Shark

Is it possible to acquire a Xiaomi Black Shark outside of China?

Although it is difficult to find it in the Mi Stores, it is possible to find it now in Gearbest. From July 30 to August 5 you have the opportunity to buy a Xiaomi Black Shark at discount.

Buy Xiaomi Black Shark 64 GB on Gearbest for $ 499.99

Buy Xiaomi Black Shark 128 GB on Gearbest for $ 569.99


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