Netac N600S: Opinions and Review of An SSD Hard Drive At Gift Price

After almost 20 years of presence in the market, the Chinese company Netac has earned the distinction of being one of the largest suppliers of external storage devices in the Asian continent, distributing mainly flash memory, external hard drives, and disks in-state solid (SSD).

And if you need a cheap SSD disk, in our review of the Netac N600S we will know the most outstanding features of a model that, from the start, enjoys a good receptivity on the part of its buyers, as well as a great discount price, thanks to Geekbuying’s latest flash offer.

Where to buy

The disk Netac 600s we have available in Geekbuying several versions and with optional USB 3.0 Enclosure Case.

Today we have to try Netac N600S model, Specifically, the model we analyze has a classic format in a 2.5 ” box, we will test its 720GB version, but it also has a 1TB model. Netac N600S also mounts 3D TLC memory with what has the maximum guarantees of use and good specifications. Without further delay let’s see how this new Chinese SSD works in our Review.

Who is the Netac N600S for?

We begin our review of the new Netac N600S is perfect for you, if you’re looking for an affordable SSD hard drive, and you do not know which model to choose. Specifically, this model comes to market in 3 versions of 512GB, 720GB and 1 TB (1000GB), so you can choose the one that best suits your user needs. In addition, the Netac N600S is compatible with the most commonly used operating systems ( Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows ), so you will not have to worry about that.

What’s in the Netac N600S box?

The Netac N600S arrives packed in a small black cardboard box, containing plastic support where the hard disk is securely attached, and the respective instruction manual of the product.

The Netac N600S, within an aesthetic section defined by a robust metallic aluminum chassis of blue color, decorated with elegant white lines and a small relief on the upper left part.

For its part, on the back, we see a sticker with its most outstanding technical specifications,  together with the signature logo printed in white.

while its dimensions of 10 x 6.98 cm, the thickness of just 70mm and weight of only 6.5 grams, they will only facilitate your transport, in case you use it as an external hard drive.

If we look at the motherboard we found the SM2258XT controller next to us we have the 3D TLC memory chip and little else to disregard.

Performance Test


We perform a check of the data of the Netac 600s SSD with the CrystalDiskInfo Software where we can see the specifications of this SSD.

The data is correct and matches the advertised, we have 720GB capacity and SATA / 600 interface with SMART, APM, NCQ and TRIM support.


With this classic test in the Netac 600s where we can see that at the reading level keeps the type very well in front of a Samsung 850 EVO of 250GB.

At the level of sequential reading and writing has quite good results, in section 4K is where it has lower figures but they are singly correct results.

Anvil’s Storage Utilities

We passed this test in the Netac 600s and compared the results with the popular Samsung 850 EVO 250GB model.

As we can see, the results are maintained and they are undoubtedly good for the price they have.

AS SSD Benchmark

On the Netac 600s, we pass the AS SSD Benchmark test and share it with the results of a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB disc.

As we see the performance of this SSD is good at reading and writing comparing the hardware.


In the comparison you can how the Netac 600s is defended with several SSD models that we can find in the market.

The values are good in general and remain above many brands even western, in section 4K is where we have somewhat lower values but are also good.

Read / Write SEQ

This data refers to the processes that we do when copying a specific file continuously, for example when copying or writing a large file such as movies or ISO discs. This figure defines the continuous transfer rate, which is important for storage units.

Read / Write 4K

This data refers to the random accesses that the disk makes to files of size 4K. This data is significant because it defines us, for example, as Windows can read system files or accessing small files, an important fact to notice the most fluid system.


After passing all the tests to the SSD Netac 600s disk, we can only say that we are facing an interesting product, we have good results in sequential writing and reading speed that places it in a very good place, comparing it with the competition of the sector. Compared to other models it has quite good performance figures and leaves behind any integrated eMMC 5.1 memory that can mount a device and even to leading Western brands.

Undoubtedly a product at a reasonable price with good specifications, if we want to expand a mini PC or a laptop with little internal memory in a simple way is a good alternative. You can compare this disc with other models of cheap SSD discs at Amazon.es and in Chinese stores.

For the rest, to say that, if it has convinced you, and you want to get the cheapest Netac N600S, you only have to take advantage of this great Geekbuying flash offer, where you can take it home with a succulent 38% discount, always that you buy it before the end of the promo.


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