N69 Sports Smart Watch: OLED Display, HR & 180 days battery for $33.28

Little by little Smart devices designed for our health are taking over the market. If these also fit on our wrist, the better. And if they are also cheap, the device is practically a necessity. Our guest of today manages to fulfill these characteristics: the N69 Sports Smart Watch. Its selling points? A competitive price, a high-quality OLED screen, a battery that will allow you to achieve up to 180 days of use and a heart rate monitor to keep you informed of your health status.

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Without further ado, let’s see the details of the N69 Sports Smart Watch to get to know it thoroughly:

N69 Sports Smart Watch – Clean, Elegant & Sporty At the Same Time

Design & Appearance

The N69 Sports Smart Watch has dimensions of 26.80 x 4.80 x 1.36cm, having the strap 26.8 x 2.2cm. Its weight is only 0.054Kg. We have a reasonably compact watch that will not disturb your wrist at all.

The watch has an elegant unisex design, with curves well-highlighted thanks to the metal frame of the clock and the side buttons. It also has a heart rate monitor in the back, free of any obstruction that could alter the results.

N69 Sports Smart Watch body

Built & Protection

The material used for the body of the watch is stainless steel, a point in favor when exposing it to liquids such as sweat or water. The strap is more traditional, being this silicone. It is soft to the touch and does not irritate to wear it for extended periods.

The N69 Sports Smart Watch has an IP68 certificate, which guarantees its resistance against dust or water (the latter up to 50 meters deep).

Screen & Display

A 0.95-inch HD OLED screen makes the N69 Sports Smart Watch a unique device. Thanks to this and its resolution of 96 x 64p, the content will be seen with the best quality and sharpness possible in a watch, without being significantly altered by sunlight. Also, OLED technology allows the watch to save a lot of power.

N69 Sports Smart Watch Display

Battery Life

The battery present in this watch is immense compared to the average. 250mAh will be more than enough for the device to last up to 180 continuous days. Thanks to the optimization of the consumption made by the software and the OLED screen, you should not worry about running out of power in a long time. In case this happens, the device can be recharged in just 2 hours.

N69 Sports Smart Watch battery

Features & Connectivity

Apart from the precise heart rate monitor, the N69 Sports Smart Watch has the essential functions of this type of gadgets, such as the sleep monitor, the reminder of calls and messages, calendar, notifications of social networks, different sports modes, calories consumption, sleep monitor, among others. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth, you can control various options on your Smartphone such as having the possibility of taking remote photos. Keep in mind that to connect a phone, it must have minimum iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

N69 Sports Smart Watch Heart Rate monitor

Selling Points

  1. Elegant design
  2. OLED HD screen
  3. Duration of 180 days
  4. Precise heart rate monitor


The N69 Sports Smart Watch is an excellent device to enter into the world of healthy technology. Thanks to its battery and optimization, using it will be very easy for all users. Also, the heart rate monitor is the most accurate that can be achieved in that price range. If you are looking for a smart, modern and efficient smart watch, this is your option.

Price & Availability

At this time the N69 Sports Smart Watch is available at Gearbest at the cost of $33.28.


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