Mysterious Xiaomi Smartphone Leaked with Narrow Bezels – Could this be Mi 6 or Mi 5C?

Every Xiaomi lover and even the haters know that Xiaomi Mi 5 was more than just a hit. The phone defined the legacy of Mi smartphones family and set Xiaomi to a whole new level. So, what’s next? For sure, the legendary Xiaomi Mi 6 and even Mi 5C are already in the developmental stages, and some leaks are trending on Weibo. First, a month back we thought that the edge-to-edge phone was Mi 6, but soon we came to find out that it was Mi Mix. A couple of days back, a whole body cover design was suspected as the upcoming flagship.

The most recent leak released today on Weibo by @V-ocean tells an entirely different story and appears to be somewhat real. Even there’s a chance that the phone could be Xiaomi Mi 5C.

Xiaomi Mi 6 2.5D

From the picture illustrated above, we witness a 5.5-inch, four curved edges, black colored mysterious smartphone. From the Mi logo marked at the rear, we get to know that the unknown phone is a Xiaomi smartphone. The most noticeable aspect of the so-called Xiaomi Mi 6 is the ultra-narrow bezels surrounding the screen and the thinnest we have ever seen.

Xiaomi Mi 6 2.5D

Compared with the previous generations, the front is simple and neat with no Mi logo. This reflects the new era in Xiaomi as most of the company’s terminals has no logo on the front. Plus, the use of 2.5D glass curved arc is clearly visible.

Xiaomi Mi 6 2.5D glass

It is noteworthy that we witness a clean back with two streaks, one at the rear top and other at the rear bottom. This reminds us of iPhone 5s with the upper and the lower parts curved with the glass and the mid forged from metal. We believe that the design is more suitable for Xiaomi Mi 5C as it’s cheap and premium built. Whereas, Xiaomi Mi 6 design will be something extraordinary.

So, this design looks more authentic than the all of the leaked layouts, so far. It’s not that much time -consuming, appears to be premium and certainly meets the standards and price of Xiaomi Mi series. What do you think? May sure to comment!




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