Myhovex Classic Review, classic doesn’t mean bad

MyHovex is a company that designs hoverboards, but first, let us explain what is a hoverboard. A hoverboard is a two wheels balancing scooter, pretty much like a segway. Lately, these devices have gained a ton of popularity, this is because some really big celebrities have been using them and hence promoting them.

Myhovex preview

Although, there are some pretty nasty rumors going around the internet such as exploding batteries, no safety breaks, and a whole lot of other defects that prevent us from buying this kind of device; let’s be honest here, this product isn’t cheap and no one is going to spend a considerable amount of money in a product that might be useless due to a defect, so we kind of understand that concern.

But fear not, average person that looks at reviews; we’re here to give you an alternative, a hoverboard that won’t explode and has an amazing customer service. We’re talking about MyHovex, a German company that really understands that we are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for a product as long as this product has a more than decent quality, and they also provide a really nice customer service, unlike other companies.



Myhovex design

As for the design, don’t expect anything different from your typical everyday hoverboard. It counts with 7 inches rubber tires that provide an exceptional performance on flat surfaces and a pleasant driving experience. The tires are drawn down so that it protects the user against any kind of splashes; this particular feature makes it really useful to go out on those bad weather days, now that we’re talking about it, this hoverboard has a slide stop.

A pretty common mistake is to think that these devices are easy to use, but that’s not true, at least not the first couple of times. MyHovex knew this, and they also knew that the new user will be constantly slipping and letting the board roll all over the place, so they incorporated an anti-scratch design that will also protect us against edgy objects that could leave a pretty nasty scratch.

As for the colors, we only have two colors available which are red and blue.




So, you might think that the exploding battery thing is a joke, but actually no, that’s a serious issue, this is mainly because of continuous overuse, but after all, we’re supposed to use it as long as it has battery without having to deal with any explosion or any other issue. Also, this is a really dangerous matter, we’re not talking about the device just breaking down, no, we’re talking about an explosion that could easily cause a fire. So, we’re kind of thankful towards MyHovex for creating a Hoverboard that doesn’t represent a hazard to our life.

And now you might be wondering: “How did they manage to eradicate the battery issue?” Well, it’s actually quite simple, they used the new Samsung Battery overload protection which makes it explosion-proof even if you travel 20 km continuously. And in the extremely rare case that something bad happens, then you can reclaim your money, but as we said, that’s not going to happen.

Something else that we’d like to add is that this hoverboard doesn’t take too long to get fully charged, it takes from 2 to 3 hours.




We’re actually pretty satisfied with the performance of this board, it can reach a maximum speed of 12.5 km/h, of course, if you compare it to a car it seems pathetic, but for the hoverboard standards it’s actually nice. Also, it can incline up to 30% slopes without any effort.

Also, we can see that this little guy it’s pretty much a heavy weight lifter, it can carry up to 100 kg, although, to operate the sensors you have to be at least 20 kg.

One of the selling points of this device is that it comes with a remote control that will allow us to switch from the “Beginner’s mode” to the “Expert’s mode”.


The driving can get a little tricky as soon as we hit uneven ground, as we said before, this board has an amazing performance on a flat surface but as soon as we hit uneven terrain, we’ll have some difficulties. Although this is something normal, most hoverboards are made to be used on flat terrain; as long as we know, there’s no “all-terrain hoverboard” yet.




This Hoverboard come with a synthetic package which allows carry it very comfortable wherever you wanna go protecting your hoverboard of dust, rain and anothers agents who can damage it during a trip.


Myhovex Classic: The Conclusions

Ok, when we talk about hoverboards, we talk about moving easily and with style; of course, it’s a luxury, you can always walk, but if you can afford to buy one of these devices, then you should, but not any device. As long as hoverboards come, most of them have defects, that’s why we’re saying such nice things about MyHovex, it’s because they don’t have those fatal flaws that other models have.

Another point for MyHovex is the amazing customer support; it’s a real convenience since not every hoverboard company has customer support.

So we have a company that’s renowned for having no lethal flaws in their devices and having a great customer service, what else can we ask for? If you’re looking for power, then you won’t leave empty-handed, this device has a pretty nice maximum speed and it can also climb slightly inclined slopes.

We definitely have no complaints about this hoverboard, we’re not saying it’s perfect, that depends on each individual’s point of view, but we find it to be a really solid option if you’re looking for a hoverboard.


Where to Buy?

You can buy this amazing Hoverboard through its official website by clicking here




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