[Must Have Product] Xiaomi QiCYCLE EF1 – Small but Powerful electric bicycle for $559.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi is committed to expanding horizons, commercially speaking. That is why they have thought of a product that has a huge acceptance in China. It receives the name of Xiaomi QiCYCLE EF1 and it is a folding electric bicycle, which comes with a very interesting price of only $561 using our link and coupon code below.


Xiaomi QiCYCLE EF1, lightweight, and foldable design

The Xiaomi Mi QiCYCLE EF1 is a creation of Mi Ecosystem, which is the division of Xiaomi responsible for developing innovative products, alternative to its line of devices, but always that can be connected to a mobile phone.

Xiaomi QiCycle EF1
This electric bicycle is made of aluminum, which has made it possible to lighten the whole lot, to leave it at only 14.5 kilos.

It has a longitudinal folding design that is very easy to handle. It is made of aluminum, which has made it possible to lighten the set enough, to leave it at only 14.5 kilos. A quite acceptable weight for an electric bike that can be folded. So we will have no problem putting it in a normal-sized boot.

TMM torque sensor and professional electric lifting system

It comes equipped with a torque sensor TMM and a professional electric lifting system, which allows this Xiaomi QiCYCLE EF1 electric bicycle to automatically detect our pedaling intensity, as well as the output of the electric power needed to help the bicycle.

Autonomy for 45 km

Xiaomi QiCycle EF1
With this bike you can travel 45 kilometers at a stretch, with a maximum speed of 20 km / h.

The engine of this bike Xiaomi Mi QiCYCLE EF1 is 250W, so we can climb the slopes easily. A 18650 mAh lithium-ion Panasonic battery is responsible for the battery life, which can be replaced easily. This system combines up to 20 208.8Wh batteries. This means that you can travel 45 kilometers at a stretch, with a maximum speed of 20 km / h. The recharge of the battery takes 3 hours.

If we run out of battery, the Xiaomi QiCYCLE EF1 incorporates the Shimano MTB system that has 3 modes: easy, normal and fast. The wheels are 16 inches, somewhat smaller than usual. So at the time of pedaling, we will have to make a greater effort than if it were a bike with larger wheels (20 or 24 inches).

Travel computer with TFT screen

This Xiaomi Mi QiCYCLE EF1 intelligent bicycle arrives with a travel computer, which will allow us to see directly on a 1.8-inch TFT screen, speed, mileage, power, calories burned and other data, without the need to a Mobile phone. In addition, it has enough space to store data for up to 30 days of driving. Of course, we can also synchronize it with our smartphone via Bluetooth.

Xiaomi QiCycle EF1
The Xiaomi Mi QiCYCLE EF1 smart bicycle arrives with a travel computer, which will allow us to see all the data directly on a 1.8-inch TFT screen.

Technical specifications of the Xiaomi QiCYCLE EF1

Color Black White
Unfolded size 1247mm x 556mm x 928mm
Folded size 1000mm x 450mm x 650mm
Framework Aluminium alloy
Front fork Aluminium alloy
Pivot Aluminum, 52T x 170mm
Seat tube Aluminum, 33.9 x 580mm
Axis Three-way diverter
Weight 14.5kg
Wheel size 16 inches
Tire 1250mm
Nominal power 250W
Nominal torque 7.3Nm
Maximum speed 20km / h
Kind 18650 lithium-ion battery
Working distance 45km
Capacity 5800mAh / 208.8Wh
Loading time Approximately 3 hours
Limited load voltage 42V
Braking methods Caliper brake for the front wheel, IM31 roller brake for the rear wheel
Braking distance No more than 4m in a dry state, no more than 15 m (speed of 20 km / h) in a wet state
screen 1.8 inches, 160 x 128 TFT
Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, effective range of 15 – 30 meters
Package content 1 x Xiaomi smart folding bike, 1 x charger in Chinese standard, 1 x spanner, 1 x Allen key

Availability and price of the Xiaomi Mi QiCYCLE EF1


If you were looking for a bike like this is your chance to buy the cheap Xiaomi bike at the best price online with the discount coupon. It is undoubtedly a must-have product and is something unique. It will get shipped to you within weeks with the enabling of FREE Shipping. You can buy The Xiaomi Mi QiCYCLE EF1 from our link below and by applying our coupon code you will get a whopping $240 off, Dont think and just buy it.



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