Must have tools for compelling SEO campaign

SEO is proving the way to go in boosting the popularity of the website and brand. When speaking about the inbound marketing, no other strategy or technique can deliver the same results.

A compelling SEO campaign and/or SEO content writing is the crux of effective optimization and isn’t an easy road. The SEO writers thus have to make use of many tools to make their way to successful road while simplifying the process and make it more effective. The first and the foremost thing that pops up in the mind when talking about the important tools for writers, or SEO writers specifically is the best laptop. The laptops the writers use makes the substantial contribution, their performance attribute matters the most. So, make sure you got the best laptop and if you haven’t then get a glimpse of best laptop for writers best laptop for writers to start off the right foot.

Now, moving ahead we have the list of seven software tools for the SEO writers to get started with.

• Google Search console – For effective and efficient SEO campaign execution

For efficient execution of your SEO campaign, the Google Search console makes an essential tool. It gives you the access to lots of information about the performance of website and other stuff. It makes easier to modify the content strategy and make it more targeted.

• SEMrush – For competition research

Keeping up with the competition is just very much important for the SEO writers. And when it comes to the competition research the SEMrush makes the best bet. With SEMrush you get the detailed info about the competitor is ranking well for from the keywords to backlinks and more.

• – For SEO Copywriters

For SEO copywriters the content curation is imperative, as the curation platforms makes it easier to research through the relevant content, get ideas and organize the data in an effective way. is currently dominating the internet as the most popular content curation platform. You are available with both free and paid versions, depending on what are your requirements.

• nTopic – To gauge the content relevancy

Most of the times, the SEO writers end up with the incomplete tasks, even when they know what their main topic is and what they want to accomplish with the content. The relevancy of the content with the domain puts you on fence. The nTopic can definitely help you with this gamut. Just enter the domain and a keyword of interest and the tool will provide you with the relevancy score to help you do a better job.

• Word2clean – For a clean HTML

This basic tool is found beneficial by may SEO writers. This tool has a very simple purpose. It converts a text file to clean the HTML. Regardless of what activity, whether writing ebooks or uploading blog posts online, a clean HTML is one of the prerequisites for success.

• SpyFu – For keyword and competition research

It is a smart little tool used to do competition and keyword research in a domain. When doing competition research, SpyFu will let you know the organic keywords websites are ranking for and the estimated SEO click value. It can also be used to rank the keywords based on their competition and popularity.

• WooRank – For SEO analysis

Always keeping track of your performance is important in SEO as a writer. WooRank makes the best SEO Analysis tool that delivers you the free report of your activity every month. WooRank lets you identify the highs and lows of your SEO campaign and how well have you managed to rank for keywords, and how effective is your social media marketing and what’s your online reputation etc.,

Wrapping up!

It’s obvious to find complex software with all the tools with the above abilities integrated in one but, if you are looking to get on the success road with the basic tools without the risk of investment then the above list of tools can help you with the compelling SEO campaign in this world of nip and tuck competition. The success in SEO is never guaranteed but with the above tools can lend you some help and ensure you the progress.


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