Mstar M1 Pro review

There are several price/performance smartphones available in the market today but we got a special device on our hands called Mstar M1 Pro. The handset is armed with ‘top of the line’ specifications and what is more exciting is that it also comes stamped with a very affordable price. The only question is ‘is it worth your money?’ Our review of Mstar M1 Pro will be the judge of that. Let us begin.



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Mstar M1 Pro: Design

Before we get to everything present inside Mstar M1 Pro, let us take a look at how the handset will give a first impression to those who judge smartphones clearly on their appearance first. Starting off, the handset bears a phablet sized form factor of 5.5 inches. In short, anything who glances at the smartphone will immediately notice its sheer size. Despite the fact that it features a curved shape at the corners, Mstar M1 Pro features a nice aesthetic element at the rear side of its chassis.


A large home button coupled with two smaller visible buttons are present at the front side of the smartphone, with prominent volume and power buttons present on either side of the device. Since there is nothing special to discuss over here, let us move on to the more important things at hand.


Mstar M1 Pro: Display size and resolution

As stated before, Mstar M1 Pro sports a large 5.5 inch screen size that gives out a 720p display. Though we would have been more satisfied if the company had incorporated a 1080p display, the 720p looks vibrant and crisp enough. The primary advantage of having less amount of pixels is that users will be able to get more battery life of their smartphone, due to less amount of stress exerted on the processor, and hence the battery.


The 5.5 inch panel is reinforced with Gorilla Glass, and will provide a great amount of protection to the user. Just do not attempt to drop it from a considerably high distance, because you will be looking at additional costs to repair the screen.


Mstar M1 Pro: Performance

The moment that we have been waiting for; let us do a quick review of the components present inside Mstar M1 Pro. Starting off, the device features MediaTek’s MT6752 chipset, which is no pushover when it comes to delivering a great deal of performance. In fact, MT6752 is much faster than Snapdragon 801, which is present in much more expensive handsets like OnePlus One, HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5. Apart from running 2 GB of RAM, Mstar M1 Pro is also running an octa-core Cortex-A53 at a speed of 1.7 GHz.


This much firepower is enough for the smartphone to deliver one of the smoothest mobile experiences that we have ever come across. The interface was smoother than butter and games were running much more fluidly than expected. Despite the fact that Mstar M1 Pro only features 16 GB of on-board storage, the smartphone supports a microSD card slot that allows you to expand that storage up to 64 GB. With a large amount of storage available in the palm of your hands, we suspect that majority of it will be utilized by downloading visually impressive mobile gaming applications. Since Mstar M1 Pro can handle anything you throw in its path, particularly HD video playback, you will most likely have your storage full in absolutely no time.

Mstar M1 Pro: Connectivity options

The connectivity options of Mstar M1 Pro include enough space for two SIM card slots. When both SIMs are functional, you will effortlessly be able to connect to 4G networks, assuming your carrier provides this option in the first place. Other connectivity options include a Bluetooth 4.0 module, which was expected, along with GPS and USB OTG (which will require you to either possess an OTG cable, OTG flash drive, or an OTG microSD card reader).

Mstar M1 Pro: Camera performance

Just because a smartphone carries an affordable price tag does not mean that it will be incorporated with low quality camera sensors. On this occasion, Mstar M1 Pro fits this description perfectly because it is armed with a 13 MP rear camera sensor, along with an 8 MP front camera sensor for the selfie junkies to let themselves run wild on their image capturing escapades. While there was no OIS chip present in the smartphone (Optical image stabilization), Mstar M1 Pro is still able to capture high resolution images, just as long as you keep still.


As for video recording, the front camera is able to record 1080p videos at a steady 30 FPS, while the front camera is able to record 720p videos at a steady 30 FPS. For a $137 smartphone, the camera sensor combination is more than ideal for the average user.


Mstar M1 Pro: Interface


The commendable thing that we like about Mstar M1 Pro is that it comes running with Android Lollipop 5.0 straight out of the box. This will give you more access to a ton of features that were not present in previous Android updates, such as KitKat, Jelly Bean, or Ice Cream Sandwich. This is probably the reason why our interface, multitasking and gaming performance were so fluid during all parts of the test.

Mstar M1 Pro: Battery life


The smartphone is stacked with a 3,000 mAh battery, which is able to provide us with a little over a day of battery life while we were connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you end up connecting to a 4G network, then you will be able to rake out at least 16-17 hours’ worth of battery life, which is not bad at all.

Final words

For the price of $137, Mstar M1 Pro is not only able to provide you with a powerful smartphone capable of crushing expensive handsets like OnePlus One and HTC One M8, but you also get an expandable storage slot, 4G connectivity modem and high resolution camera sensors assimilated with it. If you are looking for a mobile computing powerhouse that is not only affordable, but also goes easy on your wallet, then your prayers have been answered because Mstar M1 Pro provides you with exactly that. We highly recommend that you spend your money on this handset because you will not be left disappointed.

Coupon: MIPRO PURCHASE PRICE: $130.99 




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        1. Yes. Took it to local repair shop, they told me its garbage as there is something wrong with the logic board and its beyond repair.

          1. Lodge a not as described claim with PayPal to get a refund. Who did you buy it from?

          2. Not sure of the websites name, I got it as a gift. I’ll find out and post back.

          3. Got it from everbuying. Where did you get yours from? Did you win your PayPal claim? What color was your phone?

          4. Yes the one I got was also white. Good luck with your case, mine is ongoing to.

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