Mpow D6 Smartband With Stylish Look at $9.99

Xiaomi is not going to yield its positions in the global smartbands market, where it has up to 15% of market share. Even, Apple, Fixbit, and Samsung can’t sell more than the Chinese tech giant. It has reached such heights due to a few great models, the last of which is the Mi Band 2. But this doesn’t mean there are not other well-designed models with identical features and at a lower price tag. Probably, one of the most beloved smartbands that can compete with the Mi Band 2 is the Mpow D6. Actually, this manufacturer is specialized in making headphones/speakers, phone accessories, and car accessories. But we have to state the D6 is great. As for now, it’s offered for a discounted price of $9.99.


In terms of design, the Mpow D6 looks like other smartbands available on the market. Thus it’s stylish and comes with a high build quality. This fitness tracker comes with a well-designed look sporting a 0.87-inch screen with a resolution of 128×32 pixels. It’s quite sufficient to display all needed information concerning your sports life and activity. There is also a touch key to interact with the smartband. On the opposite side, we can find a heart rate detector.

However, its body is detachable. Thus you can charge it just plugging into the PC or laptop. It can be done even via a USB cable. The straps are made of TPU, but thanks to the high-quality material and matte surface, we have a feeling as they are made of a better material such as silicone. The clasp is made of stainless steel. At this moment, there is only one color option – black.


Under the hood, we can find a nRF52832 ultra-low power multiprotocol chip ideally suited for Bluetooth Smart apps. It’s based on a 32-bit ARM Cortex architecture. One of the main advantages of this chip is the EasyDMA support that simply means it has s direct memory access. Plus, the Mpow D6 comes with a 512kB ROM and 64kB RAM. There is also a 90mAh battery that can fully charge in 1.5 hours and keep alive for up to 15 days.


This fitness tracker is compatible with Android (higher v4.4) and iOS (higher v8.0) devices. You should download and install the APP to collect and display the complete information on your phone. The app’s interface is quite user-friendly. So you won’t have any problem when interacting with it.


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