Moto 360 2015 officially launched in China!

Motorola has showed off their New Moto 360 last week, now the company launched the same model in Mainland China. Motorola being owned by a Chinese company Lenovo, it plans on releasing the Smartwatch in China.

All Android Wear smartwatches rely heavily on on a range of Google Services, like Google Now and Google Play, however these services are not available in China. To solve this Lenovo and Motorola has teamed up with Chinese software giant, Chumenwenwen, who will provide search and voice recognition on the Chinese version of the Moto 360. Google, on the other hand, has removed some of their services from Android wear to speed up the process on the Chinese Moto 360.


According to Google’s Engineering Director for Android, David Singleton, took a lot of effort to remove these said services from Android Wear. For example, instead of using “OK Google” wake-up command, Chinese users will have to say “Ni hao Android”.

As in when the Moto 360 would be available for purchase in China is yet to be announced, as soon as we get that information, we will update this article.



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