Mono Rover R2 – A Hoverboard from the western lands!

Let’s just put smartphones aside and gossip about the future gadgets. Hmm… How about Hoverboards? Two years ago the first self-balancing board hit the market. At first, they were a little bit expensive that we were able to see some featured by stars like Justin Bieber, Rihanna etc on Instagram. But, let bygones be bygones!

Nowadays, the world offers us loads of premium hoverboards for a competitive price. All credit goes to the Chinese market for providing these awesome rides to everyone such as Xiaomi Ninebot Mini. But, we are here to search for an alternative someone having a combination of both reliability and incredible travel experience. Someone which is from the western lands. Someone like Mono Rover which occupies the position among one of the first companies to manufacture and distribute hoverboards. With the American Headquarters, Mono Rover tends to run triumphantly across the United States. But for a week, European and especially German delivery options are now possible. We got the chance to test one of the first mono Rover known as Mono Rover R2.

Mono Rover R2 body

We are here to answer all the question about it. Like what it promises? What is its range? How fast can you go on it? Everything will be answered.

Features of Mono Rover R2

Firstly, what makes the Mono Rover R2 go on? Well, this hoverboard is equipped with two 1000 watt motors on each side. Apart from this, the company provides these two motors with the best available motion sensors and thereby allows a very accurate and precise control. The range routed to travel on Mono Rover R2 is around 10-20 km, depending on the ground conditions, driver’s weight and speed. Speaking of the speed, R2 offers a maximum speed of 10 km/h, where a beeping warning tone and then seal off acts as safety features to avoid a higher speed and thus accidents. The maximum slope indicated is up to 15%, making it easy for you to ride on slopes.

Mono Rover R2 design

The size of the tires is 7 inches, therefore, recommended to be used on the smooth surface. Surely, running it on a rugged terrain will be a tough test for it. A good thing is that Mono Rover R2 supports a weight of 100 kg on its robust and premium 10 kg frame.

About the Company – Mono Rover

Mono Rover is a hoverboard manufacturing company with USA origin. Two weeks ago, there is now also a German representative of the brand and thus a German support. This type of presentation is really reassuring because it usually doesn’t experience any name at low-cost boards from the internet, to whom one can contact in an emergency. Particularly a gadget having a value of about 400 €, it is heartened to know whom should we go.

If you are interested in buying Mono Rover R2, here is the link provided to buy it from the company’s official website. The item is priced at. We hope that you will enjoy the ride.




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