Mlais M9 Plus review: Quality choice for less than 90$

This phone is transformation in Mlais entry mobiles. And I say entry level for its price, because its characteristics are on top of most mid-level Android devices today in market, this mobile offers all round features along with some amazing numbers


Mlais is one of that Chinese brands that, basing on hard work, are making themselves a name around the world, as with another Chinese brands like Xiaomi or Oppo, their greatest value is their price, along with stunning features from their phones while also being cheap, this is further showed up with the trendy mode of metal-finished phones, allowing these companies to make a name around the world with their extremely competitive prices

If you are seeking for a 5-inch smartphone, with good quality, good finishing and an absolutely competitive price, you’ll have to see the Mlais M9 Plus. Is a terminal with awesome power inside it beautiful premium-looking finishing, along with it, amazing features

General Design


We are in front of a smartphone with measures of 141 x 71 x 7,5mm, for a mobile that hardly costs more than 90$ that 7.5mm says a lot about this device, same with his weight, being only 100g and shows again how Chinese brands give great steps only to get amazing results, isn’t too bulky, but neither small and portable, is in a medium spot between both sides, isn’t too big to handle, but isn’t also too small to enter in any pocket

Also is good about this mobile is it general design, a compact device with an acceptable bezel, so with a rather big frame are pretty good for a mobile like this. About the corners, we have metal-finished, so, either way we see, this mobile feels awesome in-hand.


Captura9 Captura10

Next with features, the Mlais M9 Plus offers a rich 5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass (in the official website doesn’t states which generation is, but at least we are happy to know brings with it Gorilla Glass), but, the resolution is rather poor for this big screen (960×540), even doesn’t reach HD, this is the only part that his competitors can fight against, because in the next features we will see this killer phone from inside.

Let’s see the good way, if you mix an octa-core CPU with a low-resolution display, the only thing you can get is a stunning speed in Android interface no lag between screens and even can do multitask between 3 AAA games , but this puts the RAM into considerable strain, every time that you change app, it will take long to switch

SoC and Performance

17 18

SoC is a veteran in entry-level mobiles, a MediaTek MT6592 octa-core at 1,4 GHz (8×1,4GHz) accompanied by Mali 450MP GPU, showing monstrous quality muscle to all contenders, being capable of handling 3D apps and AAA games with ease, all this entry-level mobile, just for less than 90$

In raw numbers we have 365 points in Geekbench single-core benchmark, a bit higher than the Moto G and the Galaxy Nexus and 2066 points in multi-core benchmark being a lot higher than most mid-level mobiles and tables like Galaxy S4 and Nexus 7 (2013) as we can see in the pictures below, this only can mean that you will get the best of both worlds (cheap and premium) in this money-friendly mobile

RAM and Internal Storage

About memory we have 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, in former case will give great performance, capable of handling a good bunch of games and apps before starting to struggle more important is the latter for installing all-needed apps without storage problems.

There is a pretty bad point, because it doesn’t have expandable memory, this is a problem today, yes, there exists the cloud, but not everyone can afford an unlimited data plan or have constant access to Wi-Fi, and even if they can, almost every AAA game today needs at least 1GB of data.

Removing internal storage will only make consumer angry about the brand, for the same reason almost everybody hated that big music companies tried to extinguish the FM radio in smartphones, but that is another topic that I will cover another day.



In camera we have a rear one with 8 megapixels-interpolated camera to take 13 megapixels photos, even better, it has an f/1.8 aperture, which means that you are going to get amazing low-light performance from this device without have to spend 700$ in a high-end mobile; and frontal with 5 megapixels that’s also interpolated to take 8 megapixel selfies, with flash guaranteeing that the Mlais M9 Plus will give excellent performance in picture and video recording.


In battery the Mlais M9 Plus offers 2100 mAh that, in my opinion is a bit short for a mobile of this size, but company claims that is enough for a day and a half, have to see if that is true.

Operative System

Captura14 16

Mlais M9 Plus features Android 4.4 Jellybean, a pretty big drawback to this perfect smartphone, at August 13, 2015 we have Android 5.1 Lollipop, so, even with Google explaining that will release the code of next Android version to companies some months before the official presentation, so this isn’t an excuse to don’t have Android 5.1 Lollipop.



In connectivity we have 3G quad-band, Wi-Fi, GSM and GPS, another drawback to this mobile, a rather poor array of connectivity when we have NFC and 4G, Mlais should had work harder in this part, this make Mlais look like this phone was created 10 months ago and saved into an office for later use.

In external connectivity we have the standard microUSB and jack 3.5mm, so, this will guarantee a lot of compatibility with almost any earphone in market.


In last words about this phone, I can say that Mlais done a good job in raw numbers, but it falls apart when comes to practice, I would gladly sacrifice all that not-so-necessary-exagerated-power for more up to date features like Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, better flash, better battery, while can fall apart a bit when used in extreme strain conditions, for most user this will be enough for their day, with proper and not abusive use, I affirm that is capable of a day or even a bit more.

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